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August 2009

It is true...

I get to see a lot of "in house" applications - those applications developed internally for and by a company itself.

The screens on these applications many times have more fields on them than the mind can fathom. Fields and buttons galore.

Just like this cartoon demonstrates...

It is so true - I like simple user interfaces (yes, I'm a metalink classic fan too...)


Every now and then, you read something that makes you go "huh".

I was answering some questions on asktom today and had one about a CSV (comma separated values) file. Thought I would point the person to the 'specification' for that file format and the first searching I did turned this up (from a forum)

Perhaps I misunderstand the question because I'm not sure what
"format" and "escape" characters are.

However, to my knowledge, CSV files are nothing more than ascii text
files, which means the font is courier and 12 pt.

The emphasis is mine - a CSV file is just a file where the text is in 12pt courier! That is so simple.

Sometimes, you read something and it just makes you laugh out loud...