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November 2009

Explaining the number of Consistent Gets

Last week I received an email from a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, with the question why Oracle needed 8 consistent gets to perform a full table scan on a table where all the rows are stored in just one data block. There are several possibilities that can cause this and that is what [...]

Starting Oracle Blog

Quite a long time ago I was tempted to start blogging about Oracle and then I decided just not to do that but rather I started to blog about my flying around Europe to present at Oracle conferences. However, I created the blog but never activated. The nomination for Oracle ACE changed this decision and I'll try to write about technical stuff from time to time, but don't expect that I will be so active as some of Oracle bloggers.

Detecting and Fixing Row Migration

In my previous posting, I discussed how migrated rows led to latch connection problems on a system. In this entry I will explain how I identified and removed the migrated rows, and correctly set PCTFREE on each table so that the problem will not recur.

RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization) is out!!! :)

The company I work for, SQL*Wizard,  is a RedHat Advanced Business Partner so I was lucky to get my hands dirty on the BETA release of RHEV, also a pleasure to work with Siva Shunmugam (Sr. Solutions Architect@RedHat & RHCA). I must say, KVM is so fast… plus the RHEV manager is so cool as a management platform :)

Soon I’ll have some Virtualization related posts about my experiences RHEV-iiinnggg…..


11gR2: materialized view logs changes

In this post we are going to discuss some 11gR2 changes to materialized view logs that are aimed at increasing the performance of the fast-refresh engine of materialized views (MVs), especially the on-commit variant.
The MV logs, in 10gr2, now comes in two flavours: the traditional (and still the default) timestamp-based one and the brand [...]

Listing files with the external table preprocessor in 11g

Using the 11g external table preprocessor to get directory listings in SQL. October 2009