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January 2010

Pipelined function issues

A few "gotchas" to be aware of when using pipelined functions. September 2007 (updated May 2008)

Returning with

A workaround to the unsupported INSERT..SELECT..RETURNING construct. August 2005 (updated May 2009)

Pl/sql functions and cbo costing

Associating statistics with PL/SQL functions for greater CBO accuracy. June 2009

Introduction to 8i bulk pl/sql processing

Oracle 8i now supports native array processing in PL/SQL. December 2001

Case expressions and statements in oracle 9i

Extended CASE expressions and the new CASE statement in 9i. May 2002

Multilevel collections in oracle 9i

Oracle 9i supports collections of collections of collections... October 2002

Multi-table inserts in oracle 9i

We can now insert into multiple tables from a single statement. October 2002

Decomposing sql%rowcount for merge

A method for getting insert and update counts from a MERGE operation. August 2003

External tables in oracle 9i

Select directly from flat-files as though they are tables. August 2002 (updated June 2007)

Subquery factoring in oracle 9i

A new way of expressing subqueries in 9i. December 2005 (updated June 2007)