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January 2010

Multi-table inserts in oracle 9i

We can now insert into multiple tables from a single statement. October 2002

Decomposing sql%rowcount for merge

A method for getting insert and update counts from a MERGE operation. August 2003

External tables in oracle 9i

Select directly from flat-files as though they are tables. August 2002 (updated June 2007)

Subquery factoring in oracle 9i

A new way of expressing subqueries in 9i. December 2005 (updated June 2007)

Ansi joins in oracle 9i

Oracle adds ANSI-compliant joins to SQL in 9i. January 2003 (updated June 2007)

Type enhancements in oracle 9i

Constructor functions, type evolution and substitution in 9i. December 2005 (updated June 2007)

2000 columns - take 2

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post. After Randolf's comment about the 1000 column limit, I realized that so far, I've not attempted to create the full table in one go. Instead, I've been building 20-ish separate tables that contain the needed raw data plus the computed/aggregated columns. This speaks to Noons comment about having separate tables that access and group data up that can be executed in multiple streams

The SAS guys want to be able to access a single row that represents all the information they need for one type of data (for example, a shipment). So far, as I build the separate tables, I've been using a couple of views that combine several of the tables. The SAS guys then use the view to build a SAS dataset and merge multiple datasets together.

Forall enhancements in 10g

An overview of enhancements to FORALL bulk-binding. June 2004

Quoting string literals in 10g

Oracle 10g provides a quoting mechanism for strings that include single-quotes. June 2004

Sql plan enhancements in 10g

New plan features in 10g make SQL performance investigations much more simple. December 2004 (updated November 2007)