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April 2010

UKOUG Conference Series Technology & E-Business Suite 2010

Event date: 
Mon, 2010-11-29 - Wed, 2010-12-01

The call for papers for the annual Technology & E-Business Suite user group is now open until 2nd August. 
This year UKOUG are inviting all members to judge the abstract submission, which means eveyone gets the chance to contribute to what is on the conference agenda.  Online judging will open at the end of April so make sure you submit your paper early to ensure maximum judging potential.

If You Are Going to MOW…

(just on a side-note)

…and would really like to attend Anjo Kolk and Tommy Pedersen’s presentation: “Accessing the Oracle Database from Google (Apps, App Engine, Spreadsheets)” then do yourself a favor and also attend my presentation on XMLDB based out-of-the-box interfacing (“Boost your environment with Oracle XMLDB“) so you have an idea how it all hooks in…

See the MOW agenda for Friday


An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan

AMIS Technology School is proud to present, in collaboration with Miracle Benelux Masterclasses:

Miracle Benelux and Pete Finnigan agreed to do an extra special on the AMIS premises the evening just before Pete’s 2 day Masterclass in Utrecht will start (for the 2 day Masterclass agenda, see also the following URL). During this AMIS Query, besides the free food and normal standard setup of such an AMIS Query Event, Pete will have a presentation on Oracle security and there will be a lot of room of informal discussions during and after this session. There is still some room if you would like to learn from one of the best on Oracle database security.

Pete Finnigan

More details on those masterclasses can be found on the Miracle Benelux site. Hopefully this will be the first of series… More details about this event will follow shortly.

Call for Papers

The call for papers  for the  Tech Server and E-Business event in the UKOUG Conference Series is only a couple of weeks from closing, so I’m just bouncing this email to the top of the pile: Once again we are launching call for papers for the annual Technology & E-Business Suite user group conference. This [...]

UKOUG 2010 CFP is now open!

Can you believe it? Already?? Yes, that’s right, the Call for Papers for the UKOUG Technology and E-Business Suite conference is already open! In my opinion, this is one of the best conferences out there! Wide variety of speakers, great topics, and, it’s not too big! This coming year will be my fifth (or is it sixth?) year attending, and it’s a trip I’ve always enjoyed, and never regretted taking the time (or money) to attend.

The CFP is open through Monday, August 2nd, 2010. The conference itself is coming up on November 29th – December 1st, 2010, in Birmingham, England.

More information is available here.


Browsing around the internet recently I came across this result: “During February, 2010, was positioned by as the 33 most visited website in the United States. In order to be ranked in traffic in number 33, had 25,165,482 visits.” Pretty impressive, isn’t it. On the other hand, Worpress tells me that I [...]

Michigan OakTable Symposium 2010

The terrific agenda of the first Michigan OakTable Symposium is online.
I plan to give the following presentations:

Edition-Based Redefinition
Interpreting Execution Plans
Transaction Management Internals

The abstracts are available on my Public Appearances page as well as on the event’s site. By the way, the early bird registration ends April 30.

My Personal Wiki –

Our brain does not work in a linear or list-like manner (yeah.. not like the guy on the right). From the textbooks and blogs that we read everyday we are all aware that print is laid out in a series of lines or rows…

but our brain is multidimensional…

the information as it is being absorbed could be travelling sequentially to our brain, but internally it is not being serviced in simple lists and lines. There is a complex process of sorting and selecting and the whole network of words and ideas are being juggled and interlinked in order to have a far better meaning.

Oracle VM Single Box Install

A brother of mine asked me if I could create a database machine and an application server machine during this Easter bank holidays regarding a Demo/Proof Of Concept setup. Easter is always a lazy period, so why not…

The end result would be something like the following:

  • Disks setup RAID-1 configuration (2×146 GB)
  • OS: RedHat EL 5.4 x86_64
  • Application Server: JBoss 4.0.3 GA
  • Database Server: Oracle Database Server 10g R2 Standard Edition One

So I started doing some thinking. I had two HP ProLiant DL380 GL6 Server machines to work with, but both were “bare” minimum regarding their hardware. Every HP DL380 had 2×146 swappable SAS harddisks and only 2×2 GB RAM. Hmmm… Oracle License wise I would be in the safe zone because it would only be used as a demo / proof of concept environment and I also knew that the resource consumption would be the heaviest on the application server part. CPU probably wouldn’t be an issue due to the fact that even this starter model contained a Quad core Xeon Intel per machine.

I missed a lot of info, that in the end still could be crucial. For example database NLS/Unicode or JVM settings, software versions, SDK/JDK, etc, etc. Also it had to be easy maintainable and very decently configured due one of the facts that, my brother, or others probably could not maintain a Linux environment or even start one or start an Oracle database. And be honest, those boxes (although nice servers) were really bare minimum regarding harddisk volume sizes or RAM specs.

I came up with the following, probably not officially supported, but working idea…why not use Oracle VM…? In the end its a far more flexible solution…?!

Advert/Rant: Michigan Oak Table Symposium Early Bird Registration

The agenda for the Michigan Oak Table Symposium is online now and looking at it brings to mind a couple of pub discussions I've had
lately with those who have never attended a conference and can't see the
benefits as well as those who have thought about it and wondered what it's like.
I reckon MOTS would be a great introduction to the best that conferences have to
offer ...

Condensed technical learning format.

It's not a course.

Although I know that would be a big plus to many people I know who despair at spending 5 days out of the office for half a day's worth of new stuff they learn, I still think there's a place for courses, reading books and learning stuff properly rather than just trawling around Google or asking questions on Twitter and making it up as you go along. However, if you've already learnt some stuff properly, then a conference is a great way to pick up a few salient points that you might not come across otherwise and then dig around properly yourself when you get back home or to the office. The fact that this particular conference requires only two days of your time is a bonus (but I'll come back to that below ...)

Networking / Interaction