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September 2010

MOTS Mini – Visual SQL Tuning


OK, next one which looked interesting, and apparently I was not the only one, was Kyle Hailey’s “Visual SQL Tuning”. It’s funny to hear him tell that visual presentation is very important in seeing very quickly correlations which remembers me at a discussion I had with a smart colleague that he wanted to go for more numbers/text driven reports regarding monthly reporting instead of using OEM graphical customer overview statistics regarding progression of architecture behavior… Failures and success values are important to correctly interpret or see even more quickly what the problem is or searching for answers. Another great session. Thank god I haven’t a presentation to do anymore…

SQL Server 5

SimpleTalk have just published another of my SQL Server articles – which looks at the way that SQL Server stores data in “clustered indexes”, and the variation that appears depending on the pattern of data.

Michigan OakTable Symposium - Day 2

Today I had my presentation in the first slot in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised as the room was full. Obviously the "execution plan stability" is one of the biggest concerns of every DBA. After the presentation Jonathan Lewis told me that he made 4 pages of notes while attending the presentation and now he has a lot of new stuff to investigate.

MOTS Mini – Oracle ASM 11g, The Evolution


Currently “following” (yeah I know Alex I am also writing the mini post) Alex Gorbachev’s “Oracle ASM 11g – The Evolution” presentation, discussing, talking about ASM overview over the years, methods involved and the ins and outs you should or shouldn’t use Oracle ASM 11g for. Not sure if he will also do this presentation during Oracle Open World, but if you need more info about it, not yet (really?) sure if or why you should implement it, this is one to go to (as said, if Alex is presenting this one during OOW as well). Currently watching very nice slides regarding ASM striping and rebalancing data.

MOTS Mini – The (partial) lineup

Click on the picture to enlarge

Probably I forget people, but Gwen Shapiro isn’t on this picture or Graham Wood, therefore the mentioning by me of “partial” lineup. As you can see, although there is still a half day to go, this was an impressive gathering of experienced speakers… If you weren’t. Yep. You have missed out.

MOTS Mini – Database Deathmatch: Oracle vs SQL Server


So actually enjoying now some presentations of my own. Riyaj Shamsudeen did good on his “Advanced RAC Troubleshooting” presentation and now I am enjoying Jeremy Wilton’s “Database Deathmatch: Oracle vs SQL Server”.

A presentation about “breaking things”, mainly as Jeremy explained, because he was asked, more then once, to please go back to presentations that demo stuff more (and/or break it). Jeremy (biased regarding Oracle) wanted to do some more SQL Server stuff, just so he knew more about this SQL Server database and because he hates “not knowing” things. So this presentation was born. He is/was demo-ing stuff (Oracle and SQL Server) straight from the Amazon Cloud, trying to simulate both environments to be strain under load, the same amount (or at least hoping to do a honest comparison).


It was indeed a funny presentation (and insight full), were Jeremy explained the internal workings of SQL Server and Oracle regarding transaction logging, explicitly corrupting blocks/logs, for fun of course, switching those corrupted logs/blocks from Oracle to SQL Server and vice versa, see what happens, how those databases cope with such corrupted blocks and demonstrating both databases under strain. I really like it. Its a fun way to discover things and learn about them. But then again, its always fun to just break things right?

MOTS Mini – Almost weekend (and then of towards OOW)


The “disadvantage” of presenting is that you can’t relax until the last presentation has been done. As some one once said to me, you will have to do your best because those people attending have paid top dollar to be there were they maybe should be working on customer issues getting things along. I try to keep doing my best in this perspective, so (Doug!) no party for me last night because my last presentation (that is today) was already on 09.00 AM so…


I picked up my so needed coffee infusion at 08:00 AM and to my surprise I was the first one in the hallway, in front of the conference rooms, were also a nice table was put up with drinks, coffee and breakfast.

Anyway, got three enthusiasts, brave guys attending at my presentation, although it was so early. Chapeau (“hat off”/”I salute you”)!


I ran overtime (again – damn me), as said before, nowadays I have more to tell than would fit in a 1 hour presentation. I really have to work on this. I think, hope, I did my best, and those (early up) people enjoyed it. Now I can relax and enjoy some presentations until next Wednesday when I have the 3rd presentation within a week on Oracle Open World, San Francisco. If you read this and are interested in seeing some demo’s and are attending OOW, then maybe you want to attend to my presentation. There is still some room.

Its time to listen in on Riyaj Shamsudeen‘s “Advanced RAC Troubleshooting” presentation.

OpenWorld 2010: ACE Director Meeting – Day 1

Yesterday started by me waking up at silly o’clock. The joys of international travel. At least I can see on twitter that I’m not alone. :)

ACE Director Meeting – Day 1

Since we are not allowed to talk about the content of the meeting, I’m only going to mention the opening talk by Thomas Kurian who gave an overview of the big announcements at OpenWorld this year.

Now you people out there know how cynical I am at times and how underwhelmed I’ve been about some of the previous years big announcements. Well this year I’m blown away. I’m genuinely excited about the events this year. I’ve read some of the press speculation and quite frankly they have all underestimated this years OpenWorld by several orders of magnitude. The press are going to be hit by a barrage of new stuff right across the company. I defy anyone who truly understands enterprise computing to not be impressed by the breadth and scale of the announcements this year.

The thing I liked most about Thomas Kurian’s talk was the passion he delivered it with. I’m not talking about that crazy Ballmer on crack football coach fake crap. I’m talking real passion for the products and the direction of the company.

From my own perspective, I think Oracle taking over Sun was the best thing that could ever have happened to Sun. I know a lot of the Sun fanboys would disagree, but let’s be real. Sun was terminally ill. They had lots of good people, lots of good technology, but were incapable of giving it any direction at all. They were a mess. The only way they were going to survive was by getting some vision. Enter uncle Larry. I must admit to not understanding Oracle’s motives for the Sun deal, but this year it’s all starting to make sense to me. I look forward to seeing the press frenzy.

MOTS Mini – No time to waste…

So after this fun “Moans The Magnificent” special guest appearance, straight off to my hotel room to prepare my demo session about interfacing via XMLDB functionality. I wasn’t happy with those “old” demo’s so started to fiddle around, dropped half of them and created 2 more complete one’s which made a bit more sense regarding being a coherent “use-case” instead of the old demo “just a SQL statement”. Maybe not the smartest to do, being only 2 hours before my session. I got really bit stressed when I pressed on “shutdown” instead of “hibernate”, while finishing up, 30 minutes before my presentation started. Of course at that moment those brilliant Windows wizards kicked in an showed a desktop with the remark “Installing 1 of 7 updates”. It felled like those updates took ages… With only 10 minutes to go, I rushed down, but luckily for me Joze Senegacnik was busy with a great presentation and hadn’t finished in time, plus there were a lot of questions from his audience.


Despite Riyaj Shamsudeen and Cary Millsap, with his great presentation “Thinking Clearly About Performance” (part 1 of 2), I had after a minute of 5 in my presentation slot, even some 10 up to 15 people in the audience, which honestly, wouldn’t have expected to attend, at least not in those numbers. I had already settled in my mind with a “explain me your problem and I will demonstrate” kind of alternative (also cool) presentation / demo’s. Having around 15 people in the room I had to follow some of the lines I had set out for this presentation. I will give this presentation as well during OOW on Wednesday and although I had cut those demo’s in half; I again run out of time. I guess I have nowadays to much to tell plus I got some good questions from the audience on which I elaborated with some extra info.

Oracle OpenWorld Session Updates (In The Flesh ?)

Based on emails I’ve received, I know a number of you are keen to attend some of my sessions at Oracle OpenWorld this year so a few updates for your information. I’ll keep this blog entry as up to date as I can with the latest information as it comes to hand, so keep checking back [...]