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January 2011

Techa Kucha In York

I have been asked to come and be one of the speakers at the first Techa Kucha event in York organised for next week February 2nd at 6pm at York University in Springboard first floor, in the Ron Cooke Hub....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 28/01/11 At 02:47 PM

Gran Torino…

I can’t remember when or where I saw Gran Torino originally, but I remembered it being a great film. I was round a friends last night and I suggested we watch it. It really is a great piece of work. Some people have just got a gift and Clint Eastwood is one of them. I did a search through my blog today to see what my review said about it and I couldn’t find one. This leads me to believe I probably saw it on a plane and the review got lost in the confusion of the trip. Anyway, it’s a great film. Well worth checking it out.

The Dresden Files: Changes…

Oh my word. What an intense book. Jim Butcher threw just about everything at you with this one. I think Changes is probably my favorite of The Dresden Files series because it kinda brings everything together from all the other books. It feels very much like it should be the last book in the series, but there is definitely another on the way, so I guess we will see how that works out later in the year…



More iPad musings…

One of the reasons I bought an iPad was to use it as a book reader. I figured I could save a few trees and save a bit of money as some Kindle books are a little cheaper than the paper equivalents. Fast forward a few months and I’ve not completed a single book on the iPad. In fact I’ve struggled to read more than the odd page of any novel. The iPad just isn’t working out for me in that role. I find it a little heavy, the screen reflection is shocking and I’m not particularly happy about doing things like reading in the bath or in bed with it. It just doesn’t work for me. Added to that, a comment Gwen Shapira made at OOW 2010 has come back to haunt me. It’s just too easy to get distracted on an iPad. How wise you are Gwen. :)

I’m toying with the idea of buying a kindle. It would certainly solve the weight, screen reflection and distraction issues. Whether it would feel “natural” to me is another issue.

I had a bunch of gift tokens from the last couple of Christmases, so I went out a few days ago and bought real paper books. Instant satisfaction and I’ve started reading again… :)



Looks right to me...

I found this amusing... Not too far from the truth regarding how many resumes are put together ;)

My whole website stolen again…

I got an alert from Google yesterday telling me some pages from my website had been stolen. This morning I had a quick look and I can see that actually my whole website has been ripped and published on someone else’s domain. The someone in question happens to be an independent Oracle contractor working in the European Union. I really don’t understand why in this day and age someone involved in our industry thinks they can do this without being noticed. As a contractor, gaining a reputation for copyright theft must be about the worst thing you can do. I can’t exactly see many employers welcoming you with open arms knowing you might steal from them.

I’ve sent a friendly notice asking the person in question to remove the stolen material. Let’s see how that works before I start any strong-arm stuff…



Update: The site has been removed so the matter is closed an the person’s name remains my secret. :)

Hotsos Symposium 2011

The 2011 Hotsos Symposium begins in just a little over a month (March 6) and I can't wait! I've been fortunate to have attended every Symposium except one (last year) since these events began. When I was asked to conduct the Training Day following this year's main Symposium (the Training Day is on March 10) I was honored to accept and thrilled that I would be back in attendance this year.

A Day of Real World Performance...

Coming soon to San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle and Phoenix - A Day of Real World Performance. I and two of my cohorts will be presenting day long seminars (all three of us, at the same time, on the same stage) in those four cities.

This is being done in conjunction with the IOUG - they are organizing the logistics, we are doing the talking. It'll be $175USD for IOUG members and $225USD for non-members. You get lunch with this so it is definitely worth it :)
For information - goto and click on the Events menu and select "a day of real world performance"
Hope to see you there!

RAC Performance Tuning Seminar on Jan 25 and 26, 2011

Thank you all those who attended my Live Virtual Class on RAC Performance Tuning on January 25th and 26th. You chose to invest your time with me, for which I am immensely grateful. Some of you have sent me email afterwards how well you liked it. Please keep sending them - they make any speaker's day. Even if you didn't like something, please let me know. Your feedback is very important for me. It is more so this time since this is the first time I delivered a live virtual class.

One of the major complaints seem to be most were not aware that it was 4 hours each day. I can understand your frustration; but I hope the communication will be better from the organizers next time. I was not the organizer; so I will not be able to tell what went wrong.

The scripts can be downloaded: from

Some questions came for TVD$XSTAT. It can be downloaded from

Please return the evaluation forms back to OU; they need that. And, as I mentioned, please send me your fedback - good or bad - they are valuable.

Information is Beautiful

It’s fun to see how graphics are evolving.

The title of this post is from one of my favorite blogs Information is Beautiful along with a similar blog information aesthetics.

Above from left to right are

I just like them for the way the display information. I’m more interested in systems performance data but I like these visualizations

The Linkedin visualization has roots in jflowmap which is used to display the second graphic. The  third graphic is from a contact on flickr who I think is doing interesting displays with geodata.