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September 2011

Descending Indexes Quiz (Up On The Ladder)

OK, you won’t find the answer to these questions on my blog, so using my search facility won’t be of any help Actually, it’s quite an easy one this, honest If you have a query such as: SELECT * FROM bowie WHERE id BETWEEN 42 and 84 ORDER BY id DESC; 1) Can a default B-Tree index on [...]

Best Method To Select One Row From Small Table – Solution (Revolution 1)

OK, time for some answers, although of course regular readers of this blog will already know the answer :) When selecting one row from the small table as in the quiz in my previous post, the correct order is as follows: 1) PK access of an Index Organized Table. This option only requires just the 1 consistent [...]

Mike Carey: The Devil You Know…

I’ve just finished reading “The Devil You Know”, by Mike Carey. It’s the first in a series of books about an exorcist called Felix Castor, who lives and works in London. It’s not all spinning heads and green vomit. Like The Dresden Files, it’s more of a detective story that includes supernatural stuff.

If, like me, you are a fan of Harry Dresden and can’t wait for the next book, then this might quell your appetite.



Oracle Exadata vs SAP HANA

Before I left on vacation (now almost a month ago – can’t remember when I had such a long vacation if I ever had), Mark Fontecchio organized a short video conference between myself and John Appleby. The idea was to compare Oracle Exadata with SAP HANA in a shot video discussion. Unfortunately, video part didn’t [...]

Not So Smart

It’s been a few months since I did an install of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g. I am however talking about some experiences from a real world implementation that I performed a while back at the UKOUG’s Management and Infrastructure SIG on the 27th. (you can book for this event here ) I thought therefore that [...]

Advice from the Internet

A somewhat recursive post here. There are a number of forums around the internet which Oracle professionals increasingly use to research various issues, discover new features and diagnose problems. One such is the relatively new Database Administrators stack exchange site. For various reasons I came across this thread and in particular a piece of advice [...]

Oracle Security Training in Denver, USA

Ron Reidy will be teaching my 2 day class " how to perform a security audit of an Oracle database " in Denver, CO, USA on November 10th and November 11th 2011. The class is a public course so if....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 06/09/11 At 09:49 AM

UKOUG Oracle Conference agenda now out

I just wanted to drop a quick post to say that the agenda for the UKOUG annual conference is now out. You can check out the schedule here.

They seem to have dropped the TEBS (Technical and E-Buisiness Suite) out of the title, I think because last year the UKOUG staff kept getting asked if it was the annual Oracle conference they knew and loved from prior years. And of course it is. (Other “application” sides of the Oracle world, like JD Edwards and PeopleSoft, have their own dedicated, named UKOUG conferences).

There is also a return of the Sunday OakTable stream. For those who have not come across it before, it is a chance to see some presentations by members of the OakTable in a smaller and more accessible room. ie you feel better able to ask the presenters awkward questions :-) .
I’m not sure of the exact details of registering for this part of the event but the agenda shows the talks that are happening (in fact, if you click on the “view the full 2011 agenda” icon on the agenda home page, it shows Sunday by default). I managed to get along to the OakTable Sunday a few years ago and loved it – I’ll be on the opposite side this time, I’m priviledged to have been asked to fill one of the slots.

As ever, the conference has a massive and wide-ranging agenda, with mini-streams like EXA(data/logic) and MySQL on Monday,APEX on Wednesday… The number of papers and the general quality that are submitted to the conference goes up and up each year and a lot of effort goes into not just picking well know speakers but also a mix of new presenters and ensuring topics get covered. It’s hard, but during the selection process sometimes there are 4 or 5 talks we know are going to be excellent but are all on the same or similar topic – some have to be dropped to ensure the breadth of topics is still covered. The number of slots a single person is allowed to have is also controlled, again to maintain space for a wide range of presenters and presentations. All in all, it is not a simple task and even now some tweaks are going on (to fill topic gaps, finalise the exact scope for a talk or to allow for people who suddenly find they cannot present anymore). You can rest assured though that, all in all, it will be an excellent conference.

UKOUG 2011

The agenda for the annual conference has just been published. (You have to pick at least one stream before clicking on “Agenda” button).

This year features an “Oak Table Sunday” that is free to conference attendees but has a very limited audience size, so you have to register for a place.  I’ll be giving a presentation titled “Redo” (The Oak Table presentations will be repeated later in the week for larger audiences, and I’m repeating this one first thing Wednesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon I’ll be giving a presentation with the title: “Beating the Oracle Optimizer” and on Wednesday afternoon I’ll be chairing a round-table on Cost Based Optimisation.

Particular highlights for me this year: Connor McDonald is coming over from Australia to do a couple of presentations (including one on Optimizer Stats while I’m doing the round table), and Iggy Fernandez is coming over from California to do a couple of presentations on intelligent use of indexing.

Best Method To Select One Row From Small Table Quiz (Each Small Candle)

Assume you have a tiny little table with just 42 rows (naturally) that all fit in one table block. Order the following options in order of “efficiency” (most efficient option first) when accessing just one of these rows: 1) Full Table Scan of Heap Table 2) PK access of an Index Organised Table 3) Index access [...]