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October 2011

Move the EM12c repository database

I have made a little mistake creating a RAC database for the OEM 12c repository-I now need a little more lightweight solution, especially since I’m going to do some fancy failover testing with this cluster soon! An single instance database without ASM, that’s what I’ll have!

Now how to move the repository database? I have to admit I haven’t done this before, so the plan I came up with is:

  1. Shut down the OMS
  2. Create a backup of the database
  3. Transfer the backup to the destination host
  4. Restore database
  5. Update OEM configuration
  6. Start OMS

Sounds simple enough, and it actually was! To add a little fun to it I decided to the use a NFS volume to backup to. My new database host is called oem12db, and it’s running Oracle 64bit on Oracle Linux 6.1 with UEK. I created the NFS export using the following entry in /etc/exports:

Real Steel…

If you remove the humans from Real Steel, you pretty much have Rocky.

As far as the humans are concerned, Hugh Jackman is ok. The kid who plays his son is a little annoying, but to be fair, so are most of the kids in films. There are quite a few cheesy moments, but they are spread out so they aren’t like fingernails down a chalkboard.

I think the biggest problem with the film is the robots have no personalities. It’s just a giant and very expensive version of Rock’em Sock’em Robots. It’s hard to engage with a chunk of metal when it has no outward signs of personality. They are nothing like Transformers, which are totally real. :)

Having said that, its an OK bit of mindless fun. I tried to listen to other people talking on the way out to gauge the general reaction. It seemed to vary from “Awesome!” to “What a complete pile of xxxx!”. I guess I stand somewhere in the middle.



OOW2011 A.P. (After Presentation)


OEM 12c , cloud control

Was emailing with my esteemed college John Beresniewicz at Oracle in the OEM group. John and I worked together on OEM 10g and thank goodness he is still there as he is generally behind any good quantitative visualizations you might see in the product. Here is one cool example he sent me:

The database load, AAS, can be time selected and from the selection a load map is shown, in this case of which objects are creating the most I/O load, group by type of I/O. Super cool. Congrats JB and I look forward to exploring more in OEM 12c “cloud control”.



Friday Philosophy – The One Absolute Requirement for System Success

Alternative title “The lady from Patient Admin – she says YEEESSSS!!!!!!”

What must you always achieve for an IT system to be a success?

  • Bug free? Never happens.
  • Within budget/time frame? That would be nice.
  • Includes critical business functionality? Please define critical.
  • Secure? Well, it’s important for many systems but then it is often lacking (even when it is important).
  • That it is to specification? Well we all know that’s wrong.

There is only one thing that an IT system must always achieve to be a success.

User Acceptance.

For an individual system other considerations may well be very important, but the user acceptance is, I think, non-negotiable.

A History of (my) Certifications…

I was chatting with the lady doing OCP Lounge registrations at OOW11. During this chat I mentioned I hadn’t received a certificate for the SQL Expert certification. It never crossed my mind to re-request it, since my certifications are visible on anyway. Yesterday, a DHL man delivered the missing certificate, which prompted me to look though my certifications and scan this image.

First, check out the card on the bottom right. I was unaware the “Expert” certifications had a different colour card.

Second, notice anything funny about the 9i DBA OCP certification?

It’s hard to believe it’s over 12 years since I first completed one of these certifications… :)



Ad: Der Oracle DBA – Handbuch für die Administration der Oracle Database 11gR2

Der Oracle DBA

The book Der Oracle DBA (Hanser, 2011), which was written in German, is at last available!

I say “at last” because the authors worked on this project for not less than two years.

What Could Go Wrong? Testing the DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT Parameter

October 14, 2011 (Modified October 15, 2011) When reading various Oracle Database books, I often perform mental exercises related to the book’s contents, asking “what could go wrong?”   That is probably why some of my book reviews have extended to record setting lengths… who knew that Amazon imposed a limit on book review lengths… I [...]

Its that time of the year

When its time to start booking hotel rooms and planning your agenda for the UKOUG conference in Birmingham (UK) for the 4th to the 7th December. Yep, all the cool sessions from Oracle Open World, minus an awful lot of the pure marketing. So just to wet your appetite here are my highlights in advance [...]

OTN Night at OOW11: Circus Performers…

I mentioned in a previous post that I went to the OTN Night on the Monday at OOW11. I also spoke about eating far too much when I was there, but forgot to mention were the circus performers…

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with flexibility. I love stretching and I love watching anything involving flexibility. San Francisco has a famous Circus School, so previous OTN parties have had assorted circus performers to entertain the punters. In addition to the usual clowns, this year there was a contortionist with a hula hoop. She did elements of the Cirque du Soleil act made famous by Elena Lev in Alegria. You can see the original act here.

Needless to say I watched the contortionist at the OTN Night while stuffing noodles into my face.