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December 2011

And so the evenings start drawing out (honest!)

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but it was early on when very few people read my ramblings, so I am mentioning it again…

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today is the day when the evenings start drawing out, which personally I find a relief as going home in the dark depresses me. Sunset tomorrow will be later than today – by all of a few seconds but, heck, later is later. {If I am out by a day, please don’t tell me – don’t shatter my good mood!}

WordPress 3.3 Released…

WordPress 3.3 is now live and ready for download.

The automatic upgrade was as smooth as ever. A couple of themes needed to be upgraded too. The menus are a little different and there is now a new persistent dashboard header, but it all seems like business as usual for the casual blogger like me.



UKOUG 2011 - OAK Talks and Unconference

There were a couple of new and related features at this years conference - the Unconference and OAK Talks.

The idea of an Unconference will be familiar to those who have attended Openworld - an unscheduled part of the conference that anyone can sign up for to present during a one hour slot. First come, first served. I was a little concerned about how this might take off because it needs a lot of advertising or to be in a prominent location, otherwise it just passes people by. Even at OOW, where they do a reasonable job of pushing it, it's not uncommon for sessions to be attended by a handful of people, although that in itself can lead to an interesting experience as I had several major OEM luminaries in my OEM session one year and it turned into a discussion of the finer points of the Performance Pages and potential improvements!

UKOUG 2011 Conference OakTable Sunday by Alex Gorbachev

This blog post covers day 0 of UKOUG 2011 — Sunday, 4th of December, 2011. Since there were so many of us from Pythian at the conference, I’m adding my name in the blog post title. I think I will be doing it for all conference posts as I think I’ve been doing for some [...]

Getting started with FusionIO

I have been lucky enough to do some work with Fusion IO cards in a blade server, soon to be followed by another set of tests on a full rack mounted server. I didn’t know exactly where model I was given, but powered my server down in eager anticipation of the events to come.

After the engineer plugged the card in, and powered the server up I logged in as root to find out what about the pre-christmas present. I knew it was a PCI card, so surely lspci would tell me more. Here’s the output:

More Hosting Provider Fallout…

I posted a rant about my hosting provider about 10 days ago. As I mentioned in the post, I quickly got the site up and running again. Pretty soon after that I was at the UKOUG conference and Cary Millsap‘s training course, so I never really got time to look at things again…

On Thursday evening I took a proper look at the site and OMG, what a mess. Here are some of the issues I’ve been firefighting since Thursday…

UKOUG 2011

The UKOUG Technology conference in Birmingham was yet another great showcase of Oracle knowledge sharing and networking. The weather was surprisingly good for that time of year in Birmingham, though, the conference kept me so busy that I rarely had a chance to walk the streets. I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by and then speak with Bryn Llewellyn from Oracle; I’ve subsequently improved (I hope) my paper on Edition Based Redefinition; I’ll be presenting a new and improved version at Collaborate in Las Vegas this spring. Another highlight was watching a team of Oracle Middleware experts from Holland work to create a replacement conference registration system in a four-hour session using Oracle SOA, BPEL, ADF, and other middleware tools. What a demonstration of flexibility and capability!

UKOUG 2011: Drag, Drop and other Stuff. Using your Database as a File Server

Last Thuesday, Mark Drake, Senior Product Manager and I, delivered a good presentation during UKOUG in Birmingham about how to use your database, via XMLDB functionality, as a file server. The presentation demonstrated as well how you could extent the “standaard” file server (aka your database) functionality with features like, WebDAV driven ACL Security and

Read More…

Challenges and Chances of the 11g Query Optimizer

Challenges and Chances of the 11g Query Optimizer is the name of a presentation I gave at several events (e.g. Trivadis Performance Days, Oracle OpenWorld, DOAG Konferenz, UKOUG Conference) throughout 2011. Its abstract is the following:

With every new release, the query optimizer is enhanced. Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and Release 2 are no exception to the rule. Specifically, they introduce key improvements in the following areas: indexing, optimization techniques, object statistics and plan stability. The aim of this presentation is to review the new features from a practical point of view as well as to point out challenges related to them. In other words, to let you know what you can expect from the query optimizer when you upgrade to Oracle Database 11g.

UKOUG 2011 Summary

This year's UKOUG 2011 conference in Birmingham was so packed and multi-dimensional for me that I decided it's going to take a few very different posts to describe my experiences without sending any unfortunate readers into a deep stupor, so the overall summary first and then a couple of more focussed posts to follow.


When I left the hotel in Edinburgh on Sunday morning and the snow was falling, I feared the worst after the horrible travel experiences almost exactly one year before but, in the end, a little de-icing and a small delay for incoming pandas weren't enough to hold me up too much. I had to walk round the block for a while when I got to the Hyatt to secure a smoking room but, with presentation preparation on my early agenda, it was worth it.