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April 2012

Statspack quiz

I’ve a level 5 Statspack report from a real production database with the following Top 5 Timed events section:

VirtualBox 4.1.12 Released…

Just a couple of weeks after the last release, to make sure we didn’t think it was an April fools joke, Oracle waited until April 2nd to release VirtualBox 4.1.12 into the wild. :)

You can see the changelog here.

Happy upgrading.



Advert: Nederlands preview event ‘Collaborate 12′ (Dutch)

‘COLLABORATE 12: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community’ is de grootste Oracle gebruikersgroep conferentie ter wereld en wordt jaarlijks georganiseerd in de Verenigde Staten. Het is hét evenement om bij te zijn wanneer je geïnteresseerd bent niet alleen in Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Siebel, etc.) maar ook in Oracle Technologie in

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Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.0 seminars in 2012

I am going to run my updated Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting online training again, in May and June! :)

As there’s been so much demand from all over the world (thanks to everyone who’ve sent me mails about it ;-), I’ll actually do it twice, once for the US/European timezones (8am-12pm in California and d 5-9pm in central Europe) and once for the APAC timezones (2pm-6pm in Sydney/Melbourne) on every day. Both events are split into 2 parts, for the US event there’s around a month between the parts, for the APAC event there’s a week betweern Part1 and 2 (so you can get some rest and/or some work done in between too :-)

There’s convincing and then there’s curiosity

This past week, Cary Millsap posted one of the ways he’s teaching his children to understand concepts and to prove to him that they understand the methods for solving problems by presenting them with a classic puzzle.

The puzzle talks about the length of a piece of string wrapped around a circle (in this case, the whole Earth), and how much longer it would need to be if it was raised 4 more inches off the ground? As his kids worked through the problem, Cary provided us with the neat answer in which you didn’t need to know the circumference of the Earth, or any other circle for that matter — the increase in length is a simple function applied to the additional height above the ground.

Best practices? I'm not so sure.

I'll be delivering a webinar this week that has the words "Best Practices" in the presentation title. As I've been preparing, it has really struck me how my definition of a best practice is not the traditional IT definition. Wikipedia says