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August 2012

VirtualBox 4.1.20 Released…

VirtualBox 4.1.20 has just dropped, as reported here. The changelog and downloads are in the usual places.

I wonder how long it will be until the final version of 4.2 drops?

Happy upgrading! :)




Forum Spammers (again)…

My forum is being hit pretty hard by spammers at the moment. If you are of a sensitive nature, you may want to be careful about venturing in there. :)

In addition to deleting anything that looks remotely dodgy, I’m doing a regular purge of users with zero posts, so if you create an account and don’t post anything, I won’t be there for very long. Sorry if this freaks anyone out, but there is not much I can do about it.

Typically these attacks last a couple of days until they realise the forum is being maintained and their efforts are wasted, then they move on until the next time…



Any tips are welcome. I’ve tried a number of security methods including Re-Capture and Question&Answer. It looks like human posting to me…

ORA600 Oracle News Aggregator decommissioned

I've decided today to decommission my oracle news aggregator.

I started it a couple of years ago when stopped its RSS aggregation. I was a big of orablogs but I was too late in offering the owner a price for the domain. Otherwise I would have continued

As it happened - I was too late and some other guy swept up the domain to make a quick buck. If I remember correctly, he was asking around 6000$ for the domain.

So - I decided to start my own RSS aggregator under the ora600 site.

I only added feeds that actually interested me (*no* Oracle EBS stuff!!!)


At the time, a nice side effect was the extra traffic and higher google ranking.

However, lately, the site's ranking is actually being hurt by the aggregator as google seems to be punishing aggregators because of duplicate content.

Sometimes Grid Control Drives Me Nuts…

I’m a big fan of Enterprise Manager Grid Control. The performance page and all the drill-downs from there are awesome. Having said that, there are loads of things where it is such a pain in the ass.

Some incidents spring to mind:

Where’s Waldo

Just a quick update on my speaking schedule for the rest of the year (I hope this is all).

Big Data Technology Briefing – Texas Rangers Stadium (Arlington, TX) – 8/23/12
I’ll be talking about Hadoopie stuff.

Amazon Commit – Seattle, WA – 9/24/12
I’ll be talking about Controlling Execution Plans and also about Creative Problem Solving.

Oracle Open World – San Francisco – 10/2/12
I’ll be talking about Hadoop and Exadata.

UKOUG – Birmingham, England – 12/4/12
I’ll be talking about Controlling Execution Plans (again).
Presumably 12c DB will be released by then so some brand new stuff should be in this one.

Oracle DW Global Leaders Forum – Dallas – 12/13/12
I saw a flyer saying I was talking about “Big Data”.

Hope to see you at one of these events.

Exclusion of Unioned SQL in Views – Followup

Last week I put up a post about how Oracle can filter out sections of a union view..

Within the comments I put up another example where the CBO did not filter out all but one of the Union views despite my replicating the exact WHERE clause of one of the unioned statements. Jonathan Lewis posted a followup to say “Oracle can be very touchy about how it plays this game” and made a prediction of how the CBO would handle a slightly different scenario.

This was the extra scenario and I include brief details on creating the unioned view too. NB all on Oracle {non-Exadata :-) }

Compression Units – 5

The Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) event is over, but I still have plenty to say about the technology. The event was a great success, with plenty of interesting speakers and presentations. As I said in a previous note, I was particularly keen to hear  Frits Hoogland’s comments  on Exadata and OLTP, Richard Foote on Indexes, and Maria Colgan’s comments on how Oracle is making changes to the optimizer to understand Exadata a little better.

All three presentations were interesting – but Maria’s was possiby the most important (and entertaining). In particular she told us about two patches for, one current and one that is yet to be released (unfortunately I forgot to take  note of the patch numbers).

E4 Wrap Up – Part I – OLTP Bashing

Well the Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) is now officially over. I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I personally think Richard Foote stole the show with his clear and concise explanation of why a full table scan is not a straight forward operation on Exadata, and why that makes it so difficult for the optimizer to properly cost it. But Maria Colgan came out with a fiery talk on the optimizer that gave him a good run for his money (she actually had the highest average rating from the attendees that filled out evaluation forms by the way – so congratulations Maria!). Of course there were many excellent presentations from many very well known Oracle practitioners. Overall it was an excellent conference (in my humble opinion) due in large part to the high quality of the speakers and the effort they put into the presentations.

Open World 2012 – My Sunday presentation on truss, pstack etc.

Just a quick note, I will be presenting on “Truss, pstack, pmap, and more” talking about advanced UNIX utilities and how it can be utilized to understand inner working of an application or even Oracle Database Engine.

My timeslot is between 2:15 and 3:15 in Room 2016.

Uploading presentation files. Thanks for attending at OOW12.

So long iPad…

I’ve not touched my iPad this week. I’m now total a Nexus 7 junkie. More than anything, it’s because of the speed difference. My iPad 1 is so slow in comparison to the Nexus 7. If I were to go back to an iPad now, I would have to upgrade to the latest model and I don’t see the point of spending that amount of cash…

It looks like this weeks visit to my nephews will include a new addition to the “things they use for 30 seconds before going out to play football” pile. :)



PS. I reserve the right to go out and buy an iPad 3 at any time for the fun of it… :)