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August 2012

The keys to Oracle…

This is a question I get on asktom frequently – what are the things I need to know, what do I have to do to become expert, where is the list of key things I need to do with regards to Oracle.  It is a hard sounding question that has an easy answer.

IOUG Oracle RAC SIG Board Officers Nominations are Open!

If you are looking to kick start your community contributions or looking to volunteer more than what you already do, I have an awesome suggestion for you — nominate yourself to serve as IOUG Oracle RAC SIG Board Officers volunteer. You don’t need to be an Oracle RAC expert to be successful in that role but you do need to be disciplined, creative, passionate about Oracle technology and community and have a bit of time to contribute regularly. I’d advise to plan to contribute at least an hour per week.

Friday Philosophy – New Game: Phone Zombies! (You Too can Play)

I’m spending a lot more time in Central London at the moment due to current work commitments. A few weeks ago I was having a quiet stroll through the streets and had what I can only describe as an odd moment:

I looked around and found I was being converged upon by 5 or 6 people walking slowly and aimlessly towards me – all from different angles, all only vaguely aware of their surroundings, all looking like they were making straight for me. I instantly thought of one of the scenes from “Shaun of the Dead” {A cracking film, go hire it tonight}.

Exclusion of Unioned SQL in Views?

Question – you have a view definition of the following format:

select 1 as d_type, col_a,col_b,col_c
from TAB_X, TAB_Y, TAB_Z
where {your predicates}
select 2 as d_type, col_a,col_b,col_c
from TAB_P, TAB_Q, TAB_R
where {your predicates}
select 3 as d_type, col_a,col_b,col_c
from TAB_X X, TAB_Y, TAB_Z
where {your predicates}

You now select from the view and your code includes a filter predicate such as:


Learning to read

Not me...(I learned to read quite a few years ago).  :)

My daughter is learning to read and is sounding out words and leaving notes and signs all over the house. I love it! We've been reading several different series of books together (The Magic Treehouse, Junie B. Jones, Ivy & Bean) and she loves them. I'm thrilled to see her developing a love of reading.

But my favorite part of this adventure so far is her attempts at writing. I watch her concentrating so intensely at her desk and writing each letter. When she first started doing this, I was lucky to be able to decipher anything she had written. But now, I can almost always decode what she writes.

This morning she had left this outside my door for me to find.

I was wrong

Thanks to dear Maria Colgan for her intervention, I am publicly admitting the error of my ways and declaring to never use the drug of the optimizer_index_cost_adj parameter again. I publicly admit (again) that I have (on occasion) used an extremely high OICA setting to try and "force" Exadata to use full table scans over index scans. I was wrong and I am sorry.


I've had a great time at the Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) this week in Dallas. I eagerly awaited the presentation of Maria Colgan ("The Optimizer Lady") where she promised to "show through the use of real-world examples what you can do to ensure the Optimizer fully understands the capabilities of the platform it is running on without having to mess with initialization parameters or Optimizer hints."

Openworld Schedule Builder is live

I received an email that the online Schedule Builder is live. I might regret saying this but, based on an initial glance, it's an improvement on previous efforts. (Which wouldn't be difficult!)

For anyone who is interested in seeing some of the cool OEM12c Performance Page stuff, my session is :-

Session ID: CON5389
Session Title: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Performance Pages: Falling in Love Again
Venue / Room: Moscone West - 3014
Date and Time: 10/2/12, 17:00 - 18:00

I'm looking forward to it!

(Updated Later - wow, it really is a vastly improved Schedule Builder!)

Oracle Announces the World’s Second OLTP Machine. Public Disclosure Of Exadata Futures With Write-Back Flash Cache. That’s a Sneak Peek At OOW 2012 Big News.

The Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo is well underway having just brought day 1 to a close with a keynote from Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Database Server Technology, Andy Mendelsohn.

Mr. Mendelson ended his presentation with a slide of futures for Exadata. Frits Hoogland tweeted the slide here.

I too was listening in on the presentation as a virtual attendee. I heard Mr. Mendelsohn state that the features fall into the “within 12 months” category. I suppose that means coinciding with Oracle Database 12.2 (note, dot-2). I could certainly be wrong on that matter though. Perhaps 12.1. We’ll see.

Coming soon to Ireland and the Netherlands...

In September I'll be delivering a free Seminar in Dublin Ireland from 9am till 2:30pm on September 19th at the Gibson Hotel.  It is being delivered in conjunction with the Ireland OUG and anyone (even non-members) may attend.  Food is involved so it is a real deal :)  I'll be talking about big data, statistics and managing large sets of data.  We'll close up with a Q&A session before lunch.  Full details on registering and the agenda may be found here.  Also see the Ireland Oracle User Group page.

The Dark Knight Rises…

I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises yesterday. Wow, that is one loooong film…

Let’s start by saying I never really got into the previous films (Batman Returns and The Dark Knight). This one was more of the same for me. Nothing felt new. Nothing really excited me. One of my mates thought it was amazing and couldn’t understand my apathy. Apart from the length, there is nothing wrong with the film. It just doesn’t do it for me…

I guess I’ve got to wait for the next kick-start to see if that one suits me…