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November 2012

Luca Canali’s Wonderful Public Oracle-Related Materials

This is just a quick blog post to direct readers to treasure trove of public information offered by Luca Canali (of CERN).

Let there be no mistake. These are not just ordinary presentations. Many of them have detailed how-to information in the speaker notes to amplify the information in the slides. They fall into the class of must-read.

Enjoy, and thanks, to Luca!

The list:

Compressing very large data sets in Oracle, UKOUG Conference 2009, Birmingham, Dec 2009.

Upcoming: Active Data Guard at CERN, UKOUG 2012 conference, Birmingham, December 4th 2012

New Articles on Old Themes Inspired by Work…

I’ve put a couple of new posts live recently that are on quite old themes.

The instance caging article was my feedback to some people at work about one method for managing resources in a consolidated environment.

UltraEdit 3.3 for Mac/Linux…

I’m now rockin’ UltraEdit 3.3 on my MacBook Pro and Linux boxes at home. A previous announcement suggested by this version the Mac and Linux versions would have caught up with the Windows version from a functionality perspective. I’m not sure if that’s true, but they are close enough for me.

The latest Windows versions is 18.20, which I use at work, but home is where the real magic happens. :)




OTN Mini Series "Understanding Parallel Execution"

As already announced previously OTN has now managed to publish my two part series called "Understanding Parallel Execution".

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks to Bob Rhubart from Oracle for his support in getting the articles published.

The articles should give you also an idea of what I cover in my "Mastering Oracle Parallel Execution" one day Oracle Expert seminar. More information can be found here.

SQL Riddle for Free NoCOUG admission Nov 15

Tom Kyte, Tim Gorman, Kellyn Pot’Vin, and Ben Prusinski are flying in to the Bay Area to present at NoCOUG Nov 15.

I’ll be presenting as well on how to make dozens of multi-terabyte database copies in seconds using various easily available technologies on the market now.

NoCOUG is offering free admission to the first 25 people who answer the following SQL riddle:

Name that Table’s Column

November 9, 2012 I have not had a lot of time to browse through forums lately, but I noticed an interesting thread in the Usenet group.  The OP in the thread was curious why quotes (double quotes) were required around a particular column when referenced in a SQL statement, because specifying quotes around the column […]

Internet Explorer Can Not Access Database Console Page - Certficate Error

Microsoft recently launched a security patch for Internet Explorer which requires a 1024 bits long key.

Oaktable World 2012 – all presentations and 4 vidoes up

Oaktable world (aka Oracle Closed World) was an another amazing conference. We are already planning 2013

More videos will be posted as we have time to process the footage (help from video editors more than encouraged, email me Kyle.Hailey at )

Here are a few photos from this year:

Thanks everyone for an awesome conference.

Special thanks to conferences patrons

How to rename NIC in OEL 6.X

This is a quick note about host cloning and network interface (ethX) renaming.
As I wrote in my last post I have ESX lab now and I create a template of OEL 6.3 with all my settings and I would like use it for adding new VM (including RAC nodes). It is easy but there is one small issue – every time you clone VM network devices are renamed. Well MAC address is unique so it doesn’t surprise me but I would like to keep interface names like eth0, eth1 and eth2 and I got eth0, eth3, eth4 instead. Since OEL 5 (Redhat 5) all device name are generated by udev mechanism so I start my research there.
Well it was easier than I thought – there is a file in "/udev/rules.d" directory called "70-persistent-net.rules".