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January 2013

Reviewing 2012 Search Terms

Since 2012 has drawn to a close I thought I’d take a gander at search terms that brought visitors to my blog over the past year.

Trivial pursuit, I guess.

Stale Stats

The question of how to list objects in need of stats collection appeared on the OTN database forum today from a DBA who had a system collecting stats at the weekend, but wanted to check whether there were any objects with stale stats during the week. It’s actually very easy to do this check because the schema and database calls to gather stats have an option to “list stale”; they also allow you to “list empty”, and “list auto” – the latter being the objects that would be subject to collection if you change the option to (the default) “gather”. “List auto” seems to be the concatenation of “list stale” and “list empty”, by the way.

So, after reading up the manual pages on dbms_stats ($ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/dbmsstat.sql, or the PL/SQL Packages reference) all it takes is a little wrapping to do the job. The code below is a little overkill because it covers 6 different options in one go: