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March 2013

Listing Exadata storage cells and their configuration info from V$CELL_CONFIG

If you attended my Exadata hacking session today, you saw me using the cellver.sql script which lists some basic configuration info about the currently connected storage cells:
SQL> @exadata/cellver Show Exadata cell versions from V$CELL_CONFIG.... CELLNAME CELLSRV_VERSION FLASH_CACHE_MODE CPU_COUNT UPTIME KERNEL_VERSION MAKE_MODEL -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- ---------- -------------------- ------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- WriteBack 24 8 days, 2:07 2.6.32-400.11.1.el5uek Oracle Corporation SUN FIRE X4270 M2 SERVER SAS WriteBack 24 8 days, 2:06 2.

OIC(A) again

Issues with OICA/OIC (OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ/OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING) parameters have already been mentioned many times. Recently I’ve noticed one more and I think I didn’t see this case somewhere else on the Internet so I’ll share it.

Here’s a simple table T1 holding 1M rows with the indexed column X having 10 distinct values:

Join Jonathan Lewis for a discussion of Delphix


Kicking the Tires on Delphix

Live webcast: Jonathan Lewis  – An Oracle Expert’s Look at the Delphix Technology

Jonathan Lewis came out to the Delphix offices in Menlo Park, CA to kick the tires on our product for a week.

Virtual IOUG Collaborate 13 for Only $299

class="l-submain-h g-html i-cf"> 360w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />For only $299, you can access Virtual IOUG Collaborate 13 individually or set up a conference room at your company for the whole team. There will be two tracks broadcasted, so if you have demand for both tracks, it makes sense to purchase two access passes and setup two tracks broadcasted in parallel in your office so that members of your team can individually choose what to attend.

Next OakTable 2012 video is online


This time Alex Gorbachev presentation about ASM failures - next videos on the way.

Next OakTable 2012 video is online


This time Alex Gorbachev presentation about ASM failures - next videos on the way.

Share, share, share…

Sometimes there are these days that I need to remember why…

Signed on the dotted line-Enkitec!

I had to think of ‏@OyvindIsene, a great ambassador of the Norwegian Oracle User Group when I typed the heading for this post. Unlike him I have not actively been looking for new challenges but sometimes things just develop, and in my case that was a great turn of events. I am very happy to have signed on the dotted line and in a couple of weeks will join Enkitec in Europe.

How did that happen? During an Oracle conference I met Andy Colvin together with some of his colleagues during a break in the busy schedule. I already knew and respected Enkitec as a great company with lots of seriously experienced DBAs. I feel fortunate to actually know some of them already from email and other social media exchanges.

Alter session force parallel query doesn’t really force anything

Jonathan Lewis has already written about this behavior from the angle of PARALLEL hints.
I’m writing a similar article just because the word FORCE in the ALTER SESSION FORCE PARALLEL QUERY syntax. Force should mean that some behavior would always happen (when possible), right? Let’s test:
SQL> CREATE TABLE t AS SELECT * FROM dba_objects; Table created. SQL> CREATE INDEX i ON t(owner); Index created. SQL> @gts t Gather Table Statistics for table t.