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April 2013

Streams Pool is only for Streams? Think Again!

If you don’t use the automatic SGA (i.e. set the sga_target=0) - something I frequently do - and don’t use Streams, you probably have set the parameter streams_pool_size to 0 or not set it at all, since you reckon that the pool is used for Streams alone and therefore would be irrelevant in your environment wasting memory.

Data Virtualization for Databases Use Cases, part 2

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Putting Virtual Databases To Use


MH900423022Because the virtual database technology so drastically changes the way we think about cloning and provisioning new database environments, a myriad of use cases can also be envisioned that can take advantage of the saved storage and time. Additionally, these use cases fit perfectly into the model for accelerated development and management of a database environment.

Development Environments

Application Design is the only Reason for Deadlocks? Think Again

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Data Virtualization for Databases Use Cases, part 1

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It’s time that businesses took a good, hard look at the way they manage their cloned database environments. For years the words “we need a fresh copy of production in QA” were the universal sign of a horrible day. The amount of storage, server resources, and time required for provisioning a new database environment were often times unacceptable or at the least inconvenient.

McDonald’s : Is service really your biggest problem?

I read a story last week called McDonald’s Tackles Repair of ‘Broken’ Service. As I came out of the cinema turned into a drive through to give it a shot and see what it was like. In this case the service was fine, but the food. OMG!

Now I’m a vegetarian, so choice is a little limited, but people who know me know that I’m not a fussy eater. I will pack pretty much anything into my mouth, which is why my waistline is rather ample…


Just got back from watching Oblivion

I was a little bit reluctant about going to see it because the trailer looked awesome, which these days tends to mean the film is terrible. Fortunately that wasn’t the case here. The film was great. Visually fantastic, with a pretty good story. Why can’t we have a few more Sci-Fi films like this?

As far as the trailers go, Iron Man 3 looks cool and the new Star Trek film looks very interesting. Maybe I’ll get my cinema mojo back after all…




When using Locally Managed Tablespaces (LMT) with variable, system managed extent sizes (AUTOALLOCATE) and data files residing in ASM the Allocation Unit (AU) size can make a significant difference to the algorithm that searches for free extents.The corresponding free extent search algorithm when searching for free extents >= the AU size seems to only search for free extents on AU boundaries in order to avoid I/O splitting.Furthermore the algorithm seems to use two extent sizes when searching for free extents: A "desired" (for example 8MB) and a "minimum acceptable" (for example 1MB) extent size - however when performing the search the "desired" size seems to be relevant when limiting the search to free extents on AU boundaries.This can lead to some surprising side effects, in particular when using 4MB AUs.It effectively means that although you might have plenty o