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July 2013

Oracle Automatic Data Optimisation 12c

One of the seriously cool new features in the Oracle database 12c is the automated lifecycle management option. I freely admit you can get the same with other storage vendors (EMC FAST VP is the one I know first hand, but 3PAR and others have similar technology) but this is not really an option for the Oracle Database and Exadata. A quick word of warning: I have not even opened the licensing guide for 12c yet, this may well be a cost option so as always please ensure you are appropriately licensed before using this feature.

Why this post

The official documentation-VLDB and Partitioning Guide, chapter 5-is a bit lacking, as is the SQL Language Reference, hence this post.

Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Capture #2

I have already written some words on the subject before. However, since then some interesting things have happened.

To recap (or save you some time if you don't want to read the original article) GoldenGate Integrated Capture is nothing else but Oracle Streams Capture in disguise. When running in the Integrated Capture mode pretty much the entire GoldenGate front-end gets yanked out of the picture and replaced with Oracle Streams Capture technology instead.

Let's take a closer look at some of the differences that happened between now and then. Here are two capture processes:

SQL> select capture_name, rule_set_name, purpose from dba_capture order by 1;

------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------

Follow-up: Visual SQL Tuning Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended my Visual SQL Tuning webinar. My goal was to keep it simple and show the value of using VST to help you know what execution plans "should" do.

Presentation PDF
Webinar recording

I want to thank:
Kyle Hailey for his extensive work on the subject and his recent great detailed VST presentation from KScope13.
Craig Martin for his building join order diagram I used but incorrectly attributed authorship to Kyle (sorry Craig!).

Hacking Oracle 12c COMMON Users

The main new feature of Oracle 12cR1 has to be the multitennant architecture that allows tennant databases to be added or plugged into a container database. I am interested in the security of this of course and one element that....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 23/07/13 At 02:52 PM

Oracle 12cR1 RAC Installation on Windows 2012 Using VirtualBox…

After having a play with Oracle 12c on Windows 8, I decided to give Windows Server 2012 a go. Here is the resulting virtual RAC installation.

As you would expect, much of the process is pretty similar to the 11gR2 RAC installation on Windows 2008.

Oracle Security Loop hole from Steve Karam

I just saw a link to a post by Steve Karam on an ISACA list and went for a look. The post is titled " Password Verification Security Loophole ". This is an interesting post discussing the fact that ALTER....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 22/07/13 At 08:39 PM

Flex ASM 12c in action

I have been working on Flex ASM for a little while and so far like the feature. In a nutshell Flex ASM removes the requirement to have one (and only one!) ASM instance per cluster node. Instead, you get three ASM instances, not more, not less-regardless of cluster size.

Databases which are in fact “ASM clients” as in v$asm_client connect remotely or locally, depending on the placement of the ASM instance and the database instance.

Popularity vs Productivity vs Performance

This is a reposting with some updates of a post from a couple of years ago. It is a huge decision to make at the beginning of a project as to which language to use and why. As the founder of Slideshare said  when asked if he regretted not using Java instead of Ruby his response was that the question was mute, that he wouldn’t even be there talking if he had use Java. Sure Java would have scaled better and Ruby had concurrency issues but  Slideshare would not have succeeded, at least not  as fast,  or possibly not even existed had they used Java.

Related is  a discussion of functional programming verses object oriented programming

12c invisible columns

As several bloggers have already pointed out, column order changes when you start playing with invisible columns, for example

An AMIS Overview of Oracle Database 12c

The presentation used during the highly successful AMIS Oracle 12c Launch Event is online for those who are interested. Enjoy. Special thanks for Thomas Kyte; for allowing me to use some of his pluggable database presentation content. An AMIS Overview of Oracle database 12c (12.1) from Marco Gralike