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July 2013

DataGuard – Far Sync – part 1 – simple configuration

Oracle introduced a new feature for DataGuard called Far Sync. This configuration is design to support synchronous redo transport between primary and standby database which are far apart. In usual configuration synchronous redo transport between data centre in Europe and US is possible but inefficient from the primary database performance perspective. Every commit has to be written locally to redo logs and send to standby with confirmation – a network round trip between Europe and US is a significant delay for every commit operation in synchronous mode.

Trying the playground repository with Oracle Linux

I’m always a great fan of trying new things and Oracle has made it a little easier a little while ago. In my early Linux days (SuSE Linux 6.0 was my first distribution, it was still kernel 2.0.36 but “2.2 ready”) compiling the kernel was more manageable than it is today. I even remember “make zImage” instead of the now default “make bzImage” and “make menuconfig” before that :) There was less complexity with hardware, and the initrd was more of a “nice to have” than a requirement with those PATA drives in my system.

Delphix finalist for UKOUG partners of the year!

Delphix  is a finalist for UKOUG partners of the year!

Finalists: UKOUG finalists for partner of the year

Vote here : UKOUG parnter of the year awards 2013

Also on the list are fellow Oaktable related organizations Scalabilities and Enkitec


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I am speaking at AIM & Database Server combined SIG

If you haven’t thought about attending UKOUG’s AIM & Database Server combined SIG, you definitely should! The agenda is seriously good with many well known speakers and lots of networking opportunity. It’s also one of the few events outside an Oracle office. 

I am speaking about how you can use incremental backups to reduce cross-platform transportable tablespace (TTS) downtime:

12c histograms

There are a few enhancements in 12c that might make a big difference to performance for a small investment in effort. One of the important enhancements comes from changes in histograms – which improve speed of collection with accuracy of results. The changes are so significant that I chose the topic as my presentation at OpenWorld last year.

Extra huge database IOs, part 3

This is part 3 of a number of blogposts about huge Oracle database IO’s.
If you landed on this blogpost and did not read part 1 or part 2, please read part 1 here and part 2 here.

SQL Translation Framework

My favorite new Oracle Database 12c feature is the SQL Translation Framework. The feature grew out of SQL Developer’s ability to translate SQL from non-Oracle RDBMS’s. For example, there is a pre-built Sybase ASE translation package that is designed to translate the Sybase dialect of SQL into Oracle SQL dialect. So that’s what the feature is designed for. But the developers decided to move it to the database and to allow us to write our own translations which opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Oracle WebLogic 12cR2 : ADF, Domains, Clusters and Stuff

Following on from yesterday’s post about these WebLogic 12cR2 articles,

I’ve spent today creating ADF enabled domains and clustered domains on WebLogic 12cR2. That has spawned some new articles that are effectively updates of the old WebLogic  11g and 12cR1 articles.

You are invited: Oracle 12c Celebration Wed July 24