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September 2013

Being Friends with Larry Ellison… :)

So I tried to finish out some of my OOW posts, but I ended up talking about this with a friend and thought I would share how I became Facebook friends with Larry Ellison instead….

My Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Presentations

Oracle OpenWorld was fantastic, as usual. The best show in San Francisco. This is the seventh year in a row that I’m attending – 3 times as HP employee, 3 times as Pythian employee, and now as a Clouderan. My life changes, but the event and people are always fantastic.

There will be a separate blogpost about what I learned at the event, new exciting products and my thoughts of them. But first, let me follow up on what I taught.

A System for Oracle Users and Privileges with Automatic Expiry Dates

Tired of tracking down all the users in the database to deactivate them when they cease to exist, or change roles, or fulfill their temporary need to the database? Or, tracking down privileges you granted to existing users at the end of their requested period? The solution is to think out of the box - developing a system that allows you to create a database user account with an expiration date. This fire-and-forget method allows you to create users with the assurance that they will be expired (locked or dropped) at the expiration date automatically, without your intervention. Interested? Read on how I developed such a system--along with source code for you to try.


What is a database user? In my opinion, there are two kinds of users:

Virtual Integrity

A recent question on the Oracle-L list server described a problem with data coming in from SQL Server and an oddity with referential integrity failing on Oracle because (for example) a child row was in lower case while the parent was in upper.

This raised a few comments on how you might handle referential integrity while allowed case to differ. No doubt it’s been done before – by Tom Kyte if no-one else – but the first thought that crossed my mind was to use virtual columns:

Thoughts from OpenWorld


The amazing coordination of so many things:
- feeding 60,000 delegates goes off without a hitch.  The food is not spectacular, but its also not terrible. 

- the Ace program.  Flights, hotels, transport, etc, all miraculously fall into place due to the effort of Vikki and Lillian.

San Francisco
- What an amazing place to host a conference for out-of-towners.  Cable cars, seals, amazing food, fantastic weather, all are wonderful complements to the conference itself.
- Restaurants you should go to when you’re here: Franciscan Crab on the waterfront, and the Stinking Rose.
- As much as I’m not a sailor, I must admit, the last America’s Cup race was quite exciting.  For some people, it was VERY exciting (see MIA below) :-)

phpBB 3.0.12 Released

phpBB 3.0.12 has been released. You can download it here and read about the contents of this maintenance release here.

The “automatic” update worked fine, although compared to WordPress, I’m not sure how this can really be called automatic. :)

Happy upgrading!



Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : It’s a wrap

I’m back home from my 8th Oracle OpenWorld. Here are the posts I wrote during the event.

OOW13 - Day 1 - During Presentations

No drinking, an early night and a little work meant
that the meeting with Graham the next morning went well and we were
almost ready to go. Well, I had one more slide to do, but that was fine

OOW13 - Day 0 - Before presentations

Most presenters would tell you that there are two distinct phases to conferences that they're attending. Before and after their presentations. It's difficult to truly enjoy the conference experience when the presentations that you've yet to deliver are rattling around in your mind. The effect is magnified, of course, if you're one of the bad boys like me, Alex Gorbachev, Kerry Osborne and a host of others (lets not even *start* on Tanel Poder) who haven't finished their slides before the conference starts. While that might sound like a scandalous dereliction of duty, it should be pretty easy to understand actually. Most people have busy work and personal lives and presentation work needs to be slotted in around those. As a contractor, I can't exactly work on non-client slides during office hours!

Free Beta Exam Vouchers : The Winners

Just before I left for OpenWorld I started a competition to win 5 vouchers for an OCP beta exam, kindly donated by Oracle Certification. I’ve just got back, so it’s time to announce the winners.

(1) In first place comes Steve Karam, with not one, not two, but three entries, including one to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I met Steve at OOW2013 and he kindly offered to forgo the prize if I felt someone else was more deserving, but he was head and shoulders above the rest, so he simply must get a prize!