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September 2013

Resource Manager Limits (ORA-29376)

So this is what happens when you hit that publish button too quickly – thanks Sayed for the feedback! A few corrections follow. :)

Just a brief post to mention a limit I’ve recently bumped up against. I couldn’t find any mention of this limit in the oracle docs or even on oracle’s support knowledge base. The only mention is in the text of a particular error message – I couldn’t find any further explanation or documentation.


Create a resource manager plan to guarantee fair scheduling between a large number of applications on a heavily consolidated database. Create a consumer group for each application, put them all into a ratio-based plan so that each application gets an equal share of CPU under load.


This is the error I received:

Autotrace trick

(… as in “trick or treat”)

Here’s an important point I learned from Maria Colgan’s “10 tips” presentation on Tuesday of Open World. It comes in two steps – the bit that most people know, and an unexpected consequence:

  1. autotrace can give misleading execution plans for queries that use bind variables – because autotrace doesn’t peek
  2. if you run a query after testing it with autotrace, the plan generated by autotrace can be shared by the later execution

Here’s a simple script I’ll be using to demonstrate the behaviour:

Oracle Open World 2013 – Entering the Home Stretch

I just stood on a street corner with a thousand or so people watching the America’s Cup final, congratulations to Team Oracle!

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Tuesday

Another “groundhog day” morning. Up at silly o’clock, went to the gym, then read in my room for a while…

Tuesday was the first day of RAC Attack proper. We had 3 tables at the OTN lounge, all of which were full. There were a few teething problems with the new set of instructions, but we muddled through. In some ways, this is more fun than if things go too smoothly. :) RAC Attack took pretty much the whole day. I hoped to go and see my adopted dad (Graham Wood) in the Real World Performance Group session, but that never happened.

Extended Stats

Here’s a little demo cut-n-pasted from a session running Oracle (it works on 11g, too). All it does is create a table by copying from a well-known table, gather extended stats on a column group, then show you the resulting column names by querying view user_tab_cols.

Tuesday at Oracle Open World 2013

Another day at Oracle Open World: Oaktable World “Ted” talk about why you should join IOUG in particular and relevant users groups in general by yours truly, great hacking session by Tanel, using judgment and skill in describing performance by Cary Millsap, the best session ever by Jonathan Lewis and Maria Colgan (self appraisal by JL with which I agree) back at the official conference, and then a world class reception with the folks from Delphix. A bit exhausted, which I hate to admit, but I obsess over presentations and I’ve given 3 in 3 days and I’m glad today’s was only 18 minutes!

Now that’s the summary I put up on facebook.

The day actually started with a conference with IOUG super staff person Alexis Bauer Kolak, DBTA contacts, brand new IOUG executive director Josh Berman, and a follow up with Scott McNeil and Steve Lemme of Oracle. Seems like everyone wants to cooperate to make IOUG an essential source of truth and goodness.

#OOW, Tuesday Followup

Great day today with a second WIT session and all the interviews and General Session for Enterprise Manager 12c.  If you are looking for the ebook,  you can download it from Oracle here.

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Monday

Monday started in a similar way to Sunday. I woke up at silly o’clock, went to the gym, then read in my room for a while.

Monday morning was spent flitting between the demo grounds and the OTN Lounge. I also filmed a short interview for OTN, which will probably appear at some point. It was a one-take thing, so it will annoy the hell out of me when I watch it back 75,000 times. :)

Later in the day I went to the Real World Performance Group session, then it was back to the OTN lounge to for some more networking/chatting. :)

Oaktable World give aways Day 2

Thanks to a generous gift from Apress, every 10th arrival tomorrow to Oaktable World will win a copy of

Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration

by  Darl Kuhn



schedule for Oaktable WOrld Day 2

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.47.27 PM




Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Sunday

I arrived in San Francisco on midday Saturday. I basically lost a nights sleep, all but 1 hour, so I was not feeling on top of the world. I got some food and went to bed for the rest of the day. I started Sunday at 00:30, so Sunday was going to be a looooonnnnggggg day. :)

After getting breakfast at 03:00, hitting the gym and reading for a while, I ventured down to the conference.