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June 2014

FIRST_ROWS_n Optimizer Mode – What is Wrong with this Statement?

June 8, 2014 It has been nearly two years since I last wrote a review of an Oracle Database related book, although I have recently written reviews of two Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 books and a handful of security cameras in the last two years.  My copy of the second edition of the “Troubleshooting Oracle […]

The *New and Improved* Extensibility Exchange is Here!

How many of you use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, recognize it can do so much more than just taking it out of the box and plugging it in, then proceed to start building metric extensions, plug-ins, writing EM CLI scripts, etc?

Oracle EM : connect to database broken

#555555;">OEM just seems to have too many brittle esoteric configuration files and process dependencies. Ideally I just want to connect with system/password and go. Is that too simple to ask for?

#555555;">Today I tried out OEM and got the general broken page:

#555555;">#2970a6;" href="">

#555555;">And my first reaction was just to give up and move on, but then I noticed the error message sounded some what simple:

#555555;">ORA-28001: the password has expired (DBD ERROR: OCISessionBegin)

#555555;">Hmm, maybe this *is* easily fixable. Well guess again. Luckily someone has well documented the fix

What happens if you try it?


QuestionI get asked a lot of questions about Oracle! I find it amazing how often people will fire a question to a forum or social media and wait for response, rather than try the thing out for themselves. My response is often, “What happens if you try it?”. In some cases, their response to that is, “I don’t want to risk it on my production environment”. Database Lifecycle Management Features

Another area of enhancements in the release of Enterprise Manager is Database Lifecycle Management, commonly known as DBLM. There have been enhancements and improvements right across the DBLM functionality, but for this blog I’d like to focus on the three areas that are arguably the most important from a customer’s perspective: Patching enhancements Compliance […]

AWR Warehouse in EM12c, Rel 4, Part II

So, there is a lot to cover on this topic and I hope Part I got you ready for more!  Part II, I’m going to cover the following areas of the AWR Warehouse:

  • Installation
  • Access
  • ETL Load Process


Let’s start with Prerequisites: Cloud / DBaaS Features

As discussed in a previous post, Enterprise Manager has been released, and one of the major areas of enhancements has been around the Cloud / Database as a Service (DBaaS) functionality. In this post, I’m going to drill into that in more detail, touching on: New Rapid Start Self-Service Portal and Catalog, providing out […]

Oracle’s SQL Tuning pack, part III

#555555;">How does the STA work in 11gR2 with the query from “Oracle’s SQL Tuning Pack – part II″ ?

#555555;">In Part II, the STA in 10g proposed a new profile for the query but that profile actually caused the query to run slower. Quetion is, in 11gR2 does the STA do better?

#555555;">Below I ran the query load, identied the query, submitted to STA and STA spent 30 minutes burning CPU trying to tune the query and finally ended with an error that a better plan could not be found.

Differences between the First and the Second Edition of Troubleshooting Oracle Performance

Several people asked me how much I changed in the second edition. The short answer is… A LOT.

The main goals set for the revision of the book were the following:

AWR Warehouse in EM12c Rel. 4

I know a number of us performance tuning DBAs who’ve long wanted to retain AWR data, at least high-level AWR data for an extended period outside of the AWR repository on the local database.