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January 2015

Installing Oracle RAC on Oracle Linux 7-part 1

Now that is certified on RedHat Linux 7 and spin-off environments it’s time to test the installation of RAC on such a system.

The installation of the OS is different from Oracle Linux 5 and 6-with these distributions was very straight forward how to install the operating system the method has changed significantly in release 7. I won’t cover the complete installation here, as always Tim Hall was quicker than me, but it makes me wonder who signed off the user interface for the partitioning “wizard”… I personally think that the kickstart partitioning-information is a lot easier to understand.

Continuing the story

One of my 2015 new year's resolutions, was to finish the story I started on this blog. The story being a talk that I had delivered a couple of times 3-4 years ago on various Oracle/usergroup events. The talk is about why I think triggers should *not* be considered harmful. There is one specific use-case for triggers -- implementing validation code for what's called a multi-row constraint -- that I will treat in-depth on this blog.

So here goes.

Let's first recap what we did sofar:

Cross-platform Transportable Tablespaces made easy

Back in Oracle8i the Transportable Tablespace feature was introduced to make it convenient to transport a large amount of data between databases. In Oracle10g this useful feature was enhanced with cross-platform support which allowed a tablespace, or set of tablespaces, to be transported between databases deployed on different hardware platforms (even between platforms with a […]

Table Duplication

I’ve probably seen a transformation like the following before and I may even have written about it (though if I have I can’t the article), but since it surprised me when I was experimenting with a little problem a few days ago I thought I’d pass it on as an example of how sophisticated the optimizer can be with query transformation.  I’ll be talking about the actual problem that I was working on in a later post so I won’t give you the table and data definitions in this post, I’ll just show some SQL and its plan:

Slow external table access

We had an interesting issue on, where users were reporting very slow performance on queries to external tables. When I tried to replicate the problem, everything seemed just fine, so I initially reported back the familiar "Well, it works on my PC" :-) [Just kidding]

Anyway, connecting by proxy to one of their accounts, did reveal the error, which suggested something to do with privileges.  A sql trace revealed that the performance was due to a query which appears to get the list of directories and their privileges:


the definition of which was: