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December 2015

Oracle Database In-Memory Demos

In the last 14 months I delivered a dozen of presentations covering the In-Memory Column Store. During many of them, I spent most of the time showing the audience several demos. The aim of this post is to share with you the scripts and a recording (MP4) of those demos.

Warning about Demos

The recordings show the results of running the scripts on an Exadata system. The performance figures are intended only to explain and compare different kinds of processing and to give you a feel for their impact. Since every system and every application has its own characteristics, the relevance of using each technique might be very different, depending on where it’s applied. Simply put, the scripts were engineered to clearly show specific behaviors.

In case you want to run the scripts, to setup the environment run imcs_prepare_schema.sql.


A Tip for Upgrading to Enterprise Manager 13c

I’m thrilled to see the outpouring of support for EM13c already out with it just being announced on Friday!

Parallel Plans

This article was prompted by a pair of articles by Yasin Baskan of Oracle Corporation: PX Server Sets etc. and Multiple Parallelizers, plus a little extra prompting from a mistake that I made when reading the second of those two articles. The fact that I made a mistake is significant because, without it, I wouldn’t have created a model to check Yasin’s description of the parallel activity.

I want to examine the following query to find out the order of activity:

Oracle 12c SQL – Using JSON

JSON Is Part of Oracle 12c

One of the more-exciting features (at least to me) of Oracle 12c is the support for JSON now built into the database.

What is JSON?
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a language-independent open data format (see for more). JSON stores text in name-value pairs. Originally usedin JavaScript, JSON is now also in: Java, R, .NET, PHP, Python, Node.js, and Oracle. JSON is most-often used for data interchange but is frequently used to pass data to and from REST-style web services. Increasingly JSON is becoming favored for big-data persistence.

OTN APAC Tour 2015


Some of you might know I was asked to fill in on short notice for a colleague on the OTN APAC (Oracle Technology Network Asia-Pacific) tour — what a lucky break for me! The OTN tours are an ongoing effort of Oracle’s to support local user groups with well-known speakers (mostly Oracle Ace Directors and Oracle Aces). Local user groups get in touch with OTN, an Ace Director (Francisco Alvarez from Australia in this case) organizes things, and OTN helps defer the costs. Thanks Oracle; user groups need all the help they can get.

Shanghai, China

IT Tage 2015 - "Analysing and troubleshooting Parallel Execution" presentation material

#333333; font-family: "verdana" , "arial" , sans-serif;">Thanks to all attending my presentation "Analysing and troubleshooting Parallel Execution" at the IT Tage conference 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany.

VirtualBox 5.0.12

I was just going to update one of my seldom used servers to VirtualBox to 5.0.10, when I noticed Santa brought 5.0.12 as an early Christmas present yesterday! :)

VirtualBox 5.0.12 is a maintenance release with a bunch of fixes and additions. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places!

Santa Came Early! Enterprise Manager 13c is OUT!

If you haven’t been watching the latest Oracle news, Enterprise Manager 13c is out!

Friday Philosophy – Publishing rather than Presenting

Have you ever considered writing articles on Oracle subjects? Unlike presenting, there is no need to stand up in front of a scary crowd, remember what it was you wanted to say and risk someone calling you out from the crowd & accusing you of being an idiot {NB people worry a lot about that last one, but I have only seen it happen once – and no one much liked the person doing the calling}. Presenting is not for everyone. But it is not the only way to engage with people or share your knowledge. When you write an article you get to take your time, ensure you are saying what you want to say and you can correct it over time. You can also ask friends to check it over for glaring mistakes or badly written prose before you submit it. I do.