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December 2015

See Sharp Objects, Run with Sharp Objects, Crash with Sharp Objects – Nothing but .Net, C#, and ODP.NET – 1

December 5, 2015 I have been writing computer programs for a few years – the first more than 30 years ago, and have written programs in a variety of languages including C++, Cobol, Pascal, BASIC, Visual Basic, eVB, a couple of scripting languages (including JavaScript and VBScript), and a few others that are long forgotten (I could […]

Gluent launch! New production release, new HQ, new website!

I’m happy to announce that the last couple of years of hard work is paying off and the Gluent Offload Engine is production now! After beta testing with our early customers, we are now out of complete stealth mode and are ready talk more about what exactly are we doing :-)

Check out our new website and product & use case info here!

Follow us on Twitter:

We are hiring! Need to fill that new Dallas World HQ ;-) Our distributed teams around the US and in London need more helping hands (and brains!) too.

You’ll be hearing more of us soon :-)

Friday Philosophy – Sex in The Office

Sex in the office. It’s a bad idea – you can get hurt falling off the swivel chair or desk and there is the ever present danger of the stapler…

Though accurate, the title is of course misleading to make you look at this blog. I’ve actually been thinking about the ratio of women to men in the office, the impact it has and the efforts put in to address it. If you have somehow missed it there is something called “WIT” – Women in Technology – and it is part of an ongoing drive to get more women into the traditionally male-dominated careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics {STEM} and to help them stay there once they are in the industry. I can’t say I’ve been aware of this until the last couple of years but apparently a women is more likely to move out of IT as they get older than a man is.

Five Hints

This is the content of a “whitepaper” I wrote for my presentation “Five Hints for Optimising SQL” at the recent DOAG conference.


Adding hints to production code is a practice to be avoided if possible, though it’s easy to make the case for emergency patching, and hinting is also useful as the basis of a method of generating SQL Plan Baselines. However, notwithstanding (and sometimes because of) the continuing enhancements to the optimizer, there are cases where the only sensible option for dealing with a problem statement is to constrain the broad brush strategy that the optimizer can take in a way that allows it to find a reasonable execution plan in a reasonable time.

This note describes in some detail the use and effects of five of the “classic” hints that I believe are reasonable strategic options to redirect the optimizer when it doesn’t choose a path that you consider to be the most appropriate choice.

CLOBs are not just big varchars

We had a question on AskTom the other day, talking about comparing clobs.  (Paraphrasing) the question inquired as to why we had a DBMS_LOB.COMPARE function, when you can you just compare clobs directly, using the following example:

UK bound

I’m off to the UK tomorrow for the annual UKOUG conference in Birmingham.

The developer advocate team have a busy schedule, which you can read about here

The conference has always been a favourite of mine – lots of good content, and good networking opportunities.  The full agenda is here

Also, if you are in the finance sector, I’ll be doing some talks in London in the days following the event.  Contact your local Oracle rep for details.

See you there !

WordPress and Docker

One of the attractive things about Docker to me, is that I can spin up containers with software that doesn’t affect the rest of my system. I can spin down the container, remove the container, make multiple containers. It’s all nice neat and clean unlike traditional application installation on an OS where files are spewed all through the file system and it’s a  mess to try and clean it it up and/or remove it if need be. Sort of like the different between brain surgery and removing or putting on a piece of clothing.

In the last couple of posts I’ve talked about using WordPress with Delphix and Docker. One of my desired use cases was to be able to spin up multiple wordpress containers as in

OT: Innovative experiment demonstrates the innate social nature of NoCOUG conference attendees

When NeoWorks founder Sri Rajan broached the idea of a hosted happy hour at Casino M8trix after the fall conference, veteran NoCOUG board members were quite dismissive. “NoCOUG members go to NoCOUG conferences in search of the latest and greatest information on Oracle Database such as sharding in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 and extreme performance in MySQL 5.7 and are not as interested in discussing whether Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina has better hair while chowing down on fried calamari and potato skins and chugging craft beer and mixed drinks” was the consensus opinion.(read more)

UKOUG_Tech15 – One Last Big Conference to Round Off 2015 and it’s a Cracking One

It is December so it must be time for the UKOUG annual Tech conference. And it is! It is being held from Monday 7th December to Wednesday 9th December at the ICC in central Birmingham, UK. You can see full details here at their main website. It is taking place at the same time and location as the Apps15 and JDE15 conference. Of course, I am both blessed with inside knowledge and biased as I have helped with the organisation this year, specifically on creating the database stream content. But I am sure this year, on it’s return to the conference spiritual home of Birmingham, it’s going to be the best Tech15 conference in years.

Docker and Delphix architectures

In my last post I showed using Docker and Delphix to support WordPress.

I use wordpress for this blog. Works fine on it’s own. It is just me making a few posts here and there. Occasionally there are problems like an upgrade that goes bad or a hack that get’s some redirection code into the site. In those cases I have to go to a backup of my MySQL database that is used by wordpress on my site. The database is small so it’s pretty quick to backup, but I don’t back it up normally.  I know I should and occasionally it would be nice to have a backup in the event that data is corrupted somehow (like hacks into the contents of the database).