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February 2016

Lex de Haan

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Lex de Haan passing away. Although 10 years is a long time, I think about my dear friend Lex at least once a week. Lex assisted me adapting to new teaching skills when I progressed to blindness. It was Lex his idea to use colored magnets on my classroom […]

Forever is a long time

It’s interesting that we still see lots of code out “in the wild” that leans itself to taking forever. Now I’m not talking here about poorly performing SQL etc…because (at least theoretically) no matter how bad the SQL is, presumably it will finish one day, even if that day is years into the future. What I’m referring to here is the default mechanism for locking in Oracle.

If you try access a row that is locked by someone else, you will wait. Don’t get me wrong … that’s a very good thing. The alternative – of letting two people change the same data at the same time is equivalent to saying “I dont care about my data at all”.

And how long will we wait ? Well… we’ll wait forever. We will never stop waiting, until that lock has been released.

I don’t know about you … but for me… forever is long time. A really long time.