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March 2016

Oracle Midlands : Event #14

Tomorrow is Oracle Midlands Event #14.


Please show your support and come along. It’s free thanks to the sponsorship by RedStackTech.



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Oracle Data Masking and Secure Test Databases

My daily work is helping my customers secure their Oracle databases. I do this in many ways from performing detailed security audits of key databases to helping in design of secure lock down policies to creating audit trails to teaching....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 14/03/16 At 08:45 AM

The first matching row

I was recently asked when presented with a query along the lines:

SQL> select * from
  2  ( select x
  3    from   t1
  4    where  x = :b1
  5    union all
  6    select x
  7    from   t2
  8    where  x = :b1
  9  )
 10  where rownum = 1
 11  /

and asked – will the “ROWNUM” lead Oracle to be smart enough to stop after the “top” half of the UNION ALL if it gets row back ?

Let’s find out. First we create tablespaces for tables to be stored, and plonk a table in each.

UKOUG Application Server & Middleware SIG – Summary

ukougOn Thursday I did a presentation at the UKOUG Application Server & Middleware SIG.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was not able to stay for the whole day. I arrived about 30 minutes before my session was scheduled to start. The previous session finished about 10 minutes early and the speaker following me cancelled, so my 45 minute session extended to about 70 minutes. :)


BI Publisher Integration in EM12c

As some of you would already know, for my sins I am the product manager with responsibility for BI Publisher in Enterprise Manager [I must have a lot of sins because I’m also responsible for Change Management, Compliance Management, Configuration Management (these three form the Database Lifecycle Management pack), jobs, the target discovery framework, and at least part of DBaaS along with data cloning and refresh </p />

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GoldenGate Plug-in for Enterprise Manager 13.1 is released

Just a quick post to let you know the EM13.1 plug-in for GoldenGate has been released by the GoldenGate development team. I know some of you have been waiting for this, so head on over to the official announcement for all the details!

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Wrong Results ?

I gather that journalistic style dictates that if the headline is a question then the answer is no. So, following on from a discussion of possible side effects of partition exchange, let’s look at an example which doesn’t involve partitions.  I’ve got a schema that holds nothing by two small, simple heap tables, parent and child, (with declared primary keys and the obvious referential integrity constraint) and I run a couple of very similar queries that produce remarkably different results:

Tightening up your data model

Having NOT NULL constraints declared on columns that are genuinely not nullable not only is good practice, but can yield performance gains. Here’s a little routine that lists those columns that probably need a NOT NULL constraint. It looks at all columns and

  • check to see if a constraint with definition “COLUMN_NAME” IS NOT NULL is present
  • counts the null values

If the latter is zero, and no constraint was found, then we print out ‘alter table … ‘ DDL for those columns that may need such a constraint defined.

Extensive Elapsed Time for ASH Report

The other day I had a customer who was to send me an ASH report after there was a challenge in providing me EM Diagnostics from their repository database.  After the report hadn’t been submitted after a number of days, the customer admitted that they would execute an ASH report request and would subsequently kill the session after eight hours or so of non-completion.

Overcoming Your Oracle Data Insecurity Webinar


Overcoming Your Oracle Data Insecurity

Webinar – Wednesday, March 30 – 10am PT

In 2016, the risks and reasons why companies should secure their sensitive data are well known (Sony, Target, and Anthem just to name a few examples). Yet, most companies have pitiful or limited data security in their Oracle databases.