April 2017

Completing JWT_NINjA for full JWT support

In the single blog post I wrote on the JWT_NINJA package back in June last year, I ended the post by saying that I needed to implement both a verify and a parse function for the package.

Well, it took me a year, but I finally had a reason to go and implement it. As I am getting into Oracle ORDS and trying to get some experience in building REST services, I want to be able to use JWT as the token generator for the application that I am building.

So a quick refresh on how to generate a token using the package:

Service “696c6f76656d756c746974656e616e74″ has 1 instance(s).

Weird title, isn’t it? That was my reaction when I did my first ‘lsnrctl status’ in 12.2: weird service name… If you have installed 12.2 multitenant, then you have probably seen this strange service name registered in your listener. One per PDB. It is not a bug. It is an internal service used to connect to the remote PDB for features like Proxy PDB. This name is the GUID of the PDB which makes this service independent of the name or the physical location of the PDB. You can use it to connect to the PDB, but should not. It is an internal service name. But on a lab, let’s play with it.


I have two Container Databases on my system:

18:01:33 SQL> connect sys/oracle@//localhost/CDB2 as sysdba
18:01:33 SQL> show pdbs
------ -------- ---- ---- ----------

Take a random REST

I needed to test ORDS for some webservice related projects at work. So I decided to build a rest interface for all the different random data functions in the RANDOM_NINJA package to test out, just how easy it is.

First order is to setup ORDS. Like always Tim over at oracle-base have a couple of really good articles on installing and setting up ORDS itself. So no need for me to duplicate that.

Apex Interactive Grid and IOT’s

I love the interactive grid in Application Express.  And here’s why… (Warning: Ranting mode is now on Smile)

You can tell people

12cR2 DML monitoring and Statistics Advisor

Monitoring DML to get an idea of the activity on our tables is not new. The number of insert/delete/update/truncate since last stats gathering is tracked automatically. The statistics gathering job use it to list and prioritize tables that need fresh statistics. This is for slow changes on tables. In 12.2 we have the statistics advisor that goes further, with a rule that detects volatile tables:

SQL> select * from V$STATS_ADVISOR_RULES where rule_id=14;
------- ---- --------- ----------- ------
14 LockVolatileTable OBJECT Statistics for objects with volatile data should be locked 0

But to detect volatile tables, you need to track DML frequency with finer grain. Let’s investigate what is new here in 12.2

MOS plugin

Few days back I was (again) angry at My Oracle Support “The page has expired” message appearing in an open tab I left for some time. I tried to find out how to avoid it, and it was relatively easy to do even though I don’t know JavaScript. Then I tried to make a plugin out of it so I it can be on by default & won’t need my attention.
Here it is: plugin for Chrome. It took me 2 seconds to come up with a name – MOS-cow and about 3 hours to prepare plugin.

Indexing in Oracle, Fragmentation

I just uploaded my slides from Collaborate 2017 to Slideshare, but also, the findings missing from my slide deck I used for Oak Table World on War of the Indices- Oracle and SQL Server.  Feel free to download them here.

Oracle and SQL Server Index Comparison

This post has a lot of the support code and data for my Oak Table Talk that I’ll be giving at IOUG Collaborate 2017 in Las Vegas on April 5th, 2017.  

A quick look at Oracle 12.2 performance instrumentation

Thanks to the prep-work done by Andy Colvin, who continuously and boldly goes where no man has gone before, one of our Exadata systems in the lab is now fully upgraded to It comes fully equipped with the matching cellos to support all the cool new features. Exciting times!

The reason for this post is simple: I have started working on our talk for @Enkitec’s E4 conference in June but thought I’d share this little article with you as a teaser :) There might be one or two more of these posts but if you want the full story make sure you catch us (online) during the conference.

Oracle Security Training Manuals For Sale

I had a reason today to go to our company storage for something today and whilst moving other things around to find what I needed I discovered two A4 boxes with printed manuals for some of our recent training classes....[Read More]

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