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April 2020

Earth Day Turns 50 with a Massive Livestream Event

As the world fights to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control, another crisis looms.

In late 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to cut global carbon emissions almost in half by 2030. This decade will be critical.

As we’ve stated in the past, the time to act is now — we simply cannot continue business as usual, and this proves resoundingly true this year. We are in a time of maximum uncertainty and urgency.

Execution Plans

One of the most important skills needed when investigating badly performing SQL is the ability to read Execution Plans. It’s a topic I’ve written and spoken about frequently – even to the extent of doing full-day seminars – but there’s always scope for finding another way of presenting the method.

This is a note based on a few introductory Powerpoint slides I created for the (sadly cancelled) Polish OUG Workshop and Tanel Poder’s Virtual Conference taking a slightly different approach from one I normally use to get people stated on interpreting (serial) execution plans.

I want to begin with a query, rather than a plan:

Video : Online Conversion of a Non-Partitioned Table to a Partitioned Table in Oracle 12.2 Onward

Today’s video demonstrates the online conversion of a non-partitioned table to a partitioned table. This functionality was introduced in Oracle 12.2.

The examples in the video are taken from this article.

“Segment Maintenance Online Compress” feature usage

By Franck Pachot

On Twitter, Ludovico Caldara mentioned the #licensing #pitfall when using the Online Partition Move with Basic Compression. Those two features are available in Enterprise Edition without additional option, but when used together (moving online a compressed partition) they enable the usage of Advance Compression Option:

Expert Advice: Get Started on Your New Website

Starting a new website can be a bit overwhelming but we’re here to help! Beginning Monday, April 20th, will host free, 30-minute live webinars to cover those initial questions that come up as you start to build your website. Each day will cover a different topic, all designed to give actionable advice on how to create the type of website you want. 

Date: Starts April 20, 2020 and repeats daily Monday thru Friday

Weekly Schedule:

  • Mondays – Getting Started: Website Building 101
  • Tuesdays – Quick Start: Payments (Simple and Recurring)
  • Wednesdays – Quick Start: Blogging
  • Thursdays – Quick Start: WooCommerce 101
  • Fridays – Empezando: Construcción de Sitios Web 101

Time: 09:00 am PDT | 10:00 am CDT | 12:00 pm EDT | 16:00 UTC

Find the SQL Plan Baseline for a plan operation

By Franck Pachot

If you decide to capture SQL Plan Baselines, you achieve plan stability by being conservative: if the optimizer comes with a new execution plan, it is loaded into the SQL Plan Management base, but not accepted. One day, you may add an index to improve some queries. Then you should check if there is any SQL Plan Baseline for queries with the same access predicate. Because the optimizer will probably find this index attractive, and add the new plan in the SPM base, but it will not be used unless you evolve it to accept it. Or you may remove the SQL Plan Baseline for these queries now that you know you provided a very efficient access path.

But how do you find all SQL Plan Baselines that are concerned? Here is an example.

I start with the SCOTT schema where I capture the SQL Plan Baselines for the following queries:

What’s new with Oracle database versus

This blogpost takes a look at the technical differences between Oracle database PSU 200114 (january 2020) and 200414 (april 2020). This gives technical specialists an idea of the differences, and gives them the ability to assess if the PSU impacts anything.


VirtualBox 6.1.6

Along with all the other Oracle quarterly patches comes VirtualBox 6.1.6.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I’ve done the installation on Windows 10, macOS Catalina, and Oracle Linux 7 hosts. All worked fine.

I’ve done some Vagrant builds with it and they worked too.

Video : Invisible Columns in Oracle 12.1 Onward

In today’s video we demonstrate the invisible columns feature introduced in Oracle 12.1.

The video is run through of the examples in this article.

Submitting to Oracle Code One 2020

While I’ve been out of the conference circuit the last few years, given the amount of work I’ve been doing brushing up on my PL/SQL knowledge, which will soon be featured in a series of blog posts, I figured I’d submit a session. Here it is: CON1381 – Demystifying PL/SQL: The Life of a Compilation […]

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