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SLOB - The Silly Little Oracle Benchmark

This is the February 1, 2013 drop of the SLOB tar archive. After downloading it, please compute an md5sum on it. For example, using OSX md5 command you will see the following type of output. The md5 checksum will, of course, be the same whether computed by Linux md5sum or any other such command.
The changes in this tarball are to the cr_db.sql script which had a faulty alter tablespace command in it. I've also added a very crude yet helpful awr post-processing script called under the misc directory. See the README in that directory for more info on the script.

$ ls -l 2013.02.01-slob-kit.tar_.gz
-rw-r--r--@ 1 clossk  staff  10040 Feb  1 16:16 2013.02.01-slob-kit.tar_.gz
$ md5 2013.02.01-slob-kit.tar_.gz
MD5 (2013.02.01-slob-kit.tar_.gz) = f157b1c51b553f90df53fcea95f89632


2013.02.01-slob-kit.tar_.gz9.8 KB