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OAK Table World 2016- Links and Videos, (Soon!)

Oak Table World 2016 was an incredible event.  I couldn’t get over how many attendees at Oracle Open World approached me to say it was the highlight of their week and how much they enjoyed the incredible content from all of us Oakies. I have no doubt their appreciation and attendance meant a lot from the over 450 people that came through the doors to sit through the different presentations over two days at the Children’s Creativity Museum.


We were able to get some of the sessions recorded and I have a good number of the links to the slides for those that are interested in downloading a copy of some of the incredible content that was offered by Oak Table in the back-to-back sessions.  It helped that there were snacks, and more importantly, beer brought in during the afternoon so everyone could talk tech over a good brew!

Below is the list of speakers with their slides and [hopefully soon] some videos to the great sessions at Oak Table World 2016:



Session Name

Slide Deck


Jeremy Schneider




Frits Hoogland




Cary Millsap

Most Important Things to Know About Oracle



Kyle Hailey

Data Visualization



Eric Grancher




Kent Graziano

Agile Data Warehousing



John Beresniewicz

AWR1 Reporting



Toon Koppelaars

No PL/SQL Vs. ThickDB


Oracle Recorded Session

Arup Nanda









Because Toons is just on the ball around here, they already had his session recorded and he had the link added to the post quicker than you can say “ThickDB” J

If you’re hoping for Alex Gorbachev’s slides, well, that might be more interesting to find, considering his was done on his phone with a contraption that required more setup than the video equipment… J


Until the video links are added, I’ll let you go in peace and well being with a chi gung session from Kent Graziano from KSCOPE 2016… J

Thank you again to everyone who attended and peace out!




Video has been recorded later that week at HQ

My talk at OTW has been recorded later that week at HQ.
You can find it at:


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