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Oak Table World 2017 at Oracle Open World!

Going to Oracle Open World?  Don't miss out on the best of the best that's not at the main event... :)

The Oak Table members will be discussing their latest technical obsessions and research on Monday and Tuesday, (Oct. 2nd and 3rd, 2017).  The truth is, folks-  The Oak Table experts are an AWESOME group, (if I don’t say so myself! :)) as we could have easily done another day of incredible sessions, but alas, two days is all we have available for this year’s event.  

This Years Incredible Schedule is Official!

Don't miss out on the awesome...and the beer.



No Registration required, recordings, yes!!

No registration is required, so just show up at the Children's Creativity Museum!!
Jeremiah is working hard to record the sessions and to do some streaming. My session is going to be remote as I was unable to attend at the last minute!

Is there a registration for the sessions?

I am really interested in attending some of the sessions, was wondering if we need to register for these sessions?


Live Streamed?

Any change these will be recorded and / or live streamed?

I cannot make OW this year.

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