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  • Scaling Oracle 8i

    Image of Scaling Oracle8i (TM): Building Highly Scalable OLTP System Architectures: Building Highly Scaleable OLTP System Architectures
    Author: James Morle
    Publisher: Addison Wesley (1999)
    Binding: Paperback, 544 pages

     By one of the worlds leading Oracle implementers, James Morle presents the complete, expert guide to building enterprise-class UNIX-based Oracle OLTP systems that deliver maximum performance and scalability. In Scaling Oracle 8i, one of the worlds leading Oracle consultants introduces todays best methods and technologies for building industrial-strength Oracle database systems on UNIX platforms.

  • Expert Oracle Practices Database Administration

    Image of Expert Oracle Practices: Oracle Database Administration from the Oak Table (Expert's Voice in Oracle)
    Author: Melanie Caffrey
    Publisher: Apress (2010)
    Binding: Paperback, 592 pages

    This book is an anthology of effective database management techniques representing the collective wisdom of the OakTable Network. With an emphasis upon performance—but also branching into security, national language, and other issues—the book helps you deliver the most value for your company’s investment in Oracle Database technologies. You’ll learn to effectively plan for and monitor performance, to troubleshoot systematically when things go wrong, and to manage your database rather than letting it manage you.

    • Adopt a rational approach to database management; eliminate guesswork
    • Add value to your organization as a database professional
    • Manage and optimize performance
    • Exploit different platform technologies
    • Secure your organization's data
    • Gain deep understanding of database internals and structures

    Who is this book for?
    This book is aimed at Oracle database administrators who want to further their careers by implementing sound and proven database administration practices—and especially repeatable and predictable practices—in their daily work.

  • Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table

    Image of Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oaktable
    Author: Dave Ensor
    Publisher: Apress (2004)
    Binding: Paperback, 452 pages

    Announcing a new book from Apress and the OakTable Network:

    Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table presents eleven world-renowned industry specialists proffering their own highly experienced views, input, and insights on Oracle&emdash;where it's been, where it's going, how (and how not) to use it successfully, the software and techniques that they've introduced to help people achieve their goals, and some frightening tales of what can happen when fundamental design principles are ignored.

    The collaborating authors have solved many of the worst Oracle performance problems in the world, and they've each saved at least one doomed flagship project. Over many years they've been sharing their unique knowledge with each other at conferences, around the OakTable, and in coffee shops, restaurants, and bars on five continents. Now they want to share their key insights with you.

    A major focus of this book concerns the ways in which you can avoid common and debilitating mistakes when building Oracle software projects. From these stories, you'll learn the simple steps that will help you avoid real pain on your next (or current) Oracle project.