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Forall enhancements in 10g

An overview of enhancements to FORALL bulk-binding. June 2004

Quoting string literals in 10g

Oracle 10g provides a quoting mechanism for strings that include single-quotes. June 2004

Sql plan enhancements in 10g

New plan features in 10g make SQL performance investigations much more simple. December 2004 (updated November 2007)

Pl/sql optimisation in 10g

Oracle 10g's compiler optimisation for faster PL/SQL, with a new section on optimisation bugs. November 2004 (updated March 2008)

The collect function in 10g

Using the new 10g COLLECT group function, including string aggregation. June 2004 (updated July 2008)

Binding in-lists in 10g

Alternative IN-list binding in 10g using the new MEMBER OF collection condition. June 2004 (updated September 2008)

Collection extensions in 10g

A brief overview of the new collection operators, functions and conditions in 10g. June 2004

Unloading data using external tables in 10g

External tables can write as well as read in 10g. May 2005

Partition-wise dependencies in 10g release 2

Modify partitions without invalidating dependant objects. October 2007 (updated August 2008)

Sql tuning advisor in 10g

Oracle now offers SQL tuning recommendations. November 2004