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Profiling trace files with preprocessor external tables in 11g

Generate and read TKProf and OraSRP reports in a single SQL*Plus window (or other IDE of choice) using preprocessor external tables. November 2011

Listagg function in 11g release 2

A new built-in function for string aggregation. June 2010

Query result cache in oracle 11g

Oracle adds a new cache for storing the results of queries. December 2007

Pivot and unpivot queries in 11g

Turn rows into columns and vice versa with new extensions to the SELECT statement. April 2008

Pl/sql enhancements in oracle 11g

Various minor language and operability enhancements for PL/SQL in 11g. May 2008

Dynamic sql enhancements in 11g

Oracle completes its dynamic SQL implementation for PL/SQL. February 2008 (updated June 2010)

Collect enhancements in 11g release 2

Aggregate unique and ordered collection elements with the COLLECT function in 11g. November 2009

Listing files with the external table preprocessor in 11g

Using the 11g external table preprocessor to get directory listings in SQL. October 2009

External table enhancements in 11g

Encryption, compression and preprocessing for external tables in Oracle 11g. September 2009

Virtual columns in 11g

Store expressions as virtual columns in Oracle 11g. October 2008