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Arrived at San Francisco (OOW & ACED)

There were no real dramas on the way from Birmingham to San Francisco, which makes a change for me. :)

I got to San Francisco at 16:00 local time and told myself I would go to bed at 21:00 at the latest. I trotted off to the gym, got cleaned up and went down to the bar to say hello to some people. Fatal mistake. I did my normal trick of talking incessantly until about 01:00. Luckily I was not drinking pints of “jetlag” like others I could mention. :)

So at about 01:00 I was in bed. I woke up at about 04:15. :( If nothing else it meant I got to catch up on all my emails and go to the gym again. I think there are going to be a few very tired people during the ACED meeting today. I apologise in advance if I fall asleep in your session.

As always, I’m a little daunted at the start of this week. Having 2 days of ACED meetings followed by the main 5 day conference is a lot more difficult than it sounds, especially when everyone knows enough to make you paranoid about your own abilities. Having said that, I know it’s going to be fun and I know I’ll be glad I came.



PS. Already missing the people I know can’t make it this year. Excited about meeting up with everyone again.

PPS. Must remember to speak less and listen more.

PPPS. Must try remain calm this year, not act like a kid in a sweet shop. :)

ODTUG KScope Preview 2011

Ook dit jaar, namelijk op dinsdag 14 Juni, organiseert AMIS de ODTUG Preview. Het jaarlijkse congres van de ODTUG, de Oracle Development Tools Users Group, vind dit jaar plaats in Longbeach, California van 26 tot en met 30 juni. Het is niet voor iedereen weggelegd om daar naar toe te gaan. AMIS biedt, alweer voor het vijfde achtereenvolgende jaar, aan geïnteresseerden de kans om een selectie van de presentaties die daar te zien zijn bij te wonen. Een aantal Europese sprekers zal tijdens de AMIS ODTUG preview presentatie laten zien die ook in de Verenigde Staten worden gehouden.

Tijdens de AMIS ODTUG Preview zullen er drie keer drie parallelle sessies worden gehouden met verschillende onderwerpen zoals APEX, database development, ADF, JHeadstart en SOA.


Tijd Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
16:30 Welkom en Registratie
17:00 XFILES, the APEX 4 Version: The Truth is in There…
Marco Gralike & Roel Hartman
ADF Developers – Make the Database Work for You

Lucas Jellema

Pipelined Table Functions

Patrick Barel

18:00 Dinner
19:00 APEX Face/Off – Designing a GUI with APEX Templates and Themes

Christian Rokitta

BPMN: The New Silver Bullet?

Lonneke Dikmans

Oracle JHeadstart: Superior Productivity in Developing Best-practice ADF Web Applications

Steven Davelaar

20:15 Who’s Afraid of Analytic Functions?

Alex Nuijten

Overview of Eventing in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Ronald van Luttikhuizen

…and Thus Your Forms ‘Automagically’ Disappeared

Luc Bors

Dit evenement is met name bedoeld voor ontwikkelaars.m Uiteraard zijn er aan dit event geen kosten verbonden, maar het aantal plaatsen voor dit evenement is beperkt, wacht niet te lang. Vol is vol.

Inschrijven kan binnenkort op

Presenting at Miracle Open World 2011

Just a really quick post about my appearance at Miracle Open World 2011 in Denmark next month:

I strongly recommend you to have a look at the agenda and speakers, there are lots of fellow Oak Table members sharing their knowledge-quite an incredible lineup and a great honour for me to be there.