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UKOUG 2019

At the UKOUG TechFest 2019 event in Brighton this year I’ll be chairing the CBO Panel session on Monday 2nd December at noon. The panellists will be Maria Colgan, Nigel Bayliss, Christian Antognini and Richard Foote.

It will be possible to propose questions on the day – written or spoken, but this if you have a question that you’d like to give the panellists a little warning about then you can:


Someone approached me at a recent conference to ask if I was available for hire and, in the course of the conversation, pointed out that he hadn’t really been certain whether or not it was possible to hire me for consultancy work. This made me realise that I don’t advertise very much, I usually forget to remind people that I can be hired, and I hardly ever remember to hand out (or even have available) business cards at the end of the presentations I give.

I am, however, available to do trouble-shooting, education, reviews, or design almost any time, anywhere, and at short notice. My speciality, though is solving performance problems quickly, and there are times when I find it agonising to watch the slow progression of question and (failure to) answer on OTN taking days, or even weeks, to get to a solution that was “obvious” from the original question and needed only a couple of hours to check and implement.


Update: I’ve been trying to embed the recording of the presentation in this note, but haven’t quite got there yet; however here’s a URL for the recording.


I’ve often found in my travels that I’ve come up with a (potential) solution to a problem and wanted to test it “right now” – only to run onto the horns of a dilemma. A typical client offers me one of two options:


I’m going to be in Denver next week for the RMOUG Training Days – so I’ve just received an email asking me if I could stay on a couple of days and visit someone fairly close by while I’m in the area. It’s not the first time that I’ve had a last minute request like this; unfortunately I tend to book my flights weeks, and sometimes months, in advance – usually at a good price but with a hefty cancellation penalty (like, no refund), so not possible this time.

However, I’m going to be speaking at ODTUG Kscope 14  (my name’s not visible on the agenda yet) and I’m just about to book the flights but, in view of the email, I thought I’d wait a few days and let people know where I’m heading in case someone wants me to spend a couple of days on-site in Seattle at the end of the week commencing 21st June.  Email me if you’re interested:



I’ll be going on-line for a chat with Kyle Hailey (and possibly others) of Delphix on 17th of this month (9:00 am PST / 17:00 BST). The session will be fairly open-ended and dictated by questions from users.

Kyle has set up a couple of places where you can supply questions that could be used as discussion points during the event, so if you have a question you’d like some comments on here are the URLs:



Last chance to book a seat for tomorrow’s 90 minute session(s) on Selectivity:

OOW + Delphix

There’s going to be a day of Delphix activity at OpenWorld – with a Customer Forum being held in the B Restaurant (above Moscone North) on Tuesday 24th September. I’ll be joining them from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on a panel session chaired by Adam Leventhal. The starting topic will be: “Bridging IT and Business: Demonstrating the Value of Delphix”.


Just a little whimsy – the most famous (misquoted?) line from the fairy-tale in the title is (probably) “you shall go to the ball”.

Despite having all my abstracts rejected I will be speaking at OOW 2013, courtesy of “the Optimizer Lady”, Maria Colgan.

Oracle Optimizer Boot Camp: 10 Optimizer Tips You Can’t Do Without [CON8643]

Jonathan Lewis – Sole Proprietor, JL Computer Consultancy
Maria Colgan – Master Product Manager, Oracle


If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Public Appearances page you’ll know that I am scheduled to go on line with Kyle Hailey for a second (more technical) discussion about Delphix and virtual databases on 19th June (tomorrow). If you haven’t registered, there’s still time to do so. It’s scheduled for 5:00 pm (BST), which makes it 9:00 am in San Francisco.

For an idea of the points we’ll cover, here’s a link with a draft agenda that Kyle Hailey has posted.

Update 1: Delphix have got 10 copies of Oracle Core to give away and they’ve decide to give one to every 10th registrant (until stocks run out) for the webinar.



The “Smarter Stats in 11g” webinar is on tomorrow (Monday 10th):


I’ve scheduled a third time for the repeats of the free webinar  ”Smarter Statistics in 11g” on June 10th – 1:00 pm BST.  The 6:00 pm is already full, but there are still places on the 9:00 pm showing.  As before we’re using GoToWebinar as the supply mechanism, and we’ve limited access to 100 people (so if you do register and can’t attend, please remove yourself from the list). The recordings of the webinar will be available to registered listeners for 7 days after the event.

Links to register for the  event: