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Performance Monitoring

After the last Redgate webinar, what next ?

If you’ve been listening in to the online conversations I’ve been having with Grant Fritchey about SQL Server and Oracle, this is your opportunity to suggest a direction for future discussions. We’re after some ideas for topics that would allow us to spend an hour comparing popular pieces of functionality between the two systems.  If there’s something you’d like to hear discussed, tell me what it is by adding a short comment to this post.

Source Control

You may recall that I spent some time with the developers at the redgate offices in Cambridge (UK) a little while ago, looking at their Source Control for Oracle package. The product is about to go live, with a launch date of 12th March.

Because of the help I’ve given them they’ve offered my readers the chance of winning one of two 5-user licences for the product – provided I devise a strategy for picking the recipients.

CBO Days

Just a reminder that the Trivadis event “CBO Days” is on in just a couple of weeks. 11th / 12th Dec in Zurich.

If you’re interested in the Oracle Optimizer you don’t want to miss this event – apart from anything else, Maria Colgan and Mohammed Zait (a pair of really heavy hitters in the Oracle Optimizer department) will be speaking, and getting both of them at the same venue is a bit of a triumph.

For the full agenda, see Christian Antognini’s blog.

Source Control

If you’ve been following my blog fairly closely, you’ve probably seen that I have some involvement with Redgate run. I’ve just had an email reminding me about their “Source Control for Oracle” which started as an Agile development at the ODTUG annual conference (Kaleidoscope 2012) this year, taking contributions from any conference delegates that wanted to participate. who wanted to supply ideas, do some testing, give feedback, or be involved in the scrums.


My tasks for today

  1. Make sure everyone knows about the Unconference – you’ve got Monday and Tuesday to sign up for a time-slot of 20 or 40 minutes. The event itself is on Wednesday, on the left-hand wing of the balcony in the Exhibition hall. Seating for 30, with a projector, A0 flipchart, and loudspeaker system available. The sign-up sheet / Agenda is up against the wall in the registration area, to the far left – just past the hideous pink pillar. I’ll keep an update of speakers and topics on the blog whenever I can, and you can always tweet your own entry on the #ukoug2012 tag.
  2. Spend some time on the UKOUG Council stand (just to the right of the right-hand door of the Exhition hall) – I’ve signed up for the time-slot that overlaps the exhibition reception drinks (18:30 – 19:30) but I’ll be there by about 18:00

Presentations etc.


Once again there’s going to be an alternative (or extra) conference in San Francisco this year while Oracle Open World is running.

Arranged by Kyle Hailey of Delphix, with backing from Delphix, Miracle and Pythian, the Oracle Real Oak Table World conference will be held on the roof of the Moscone Center.

OOW Bloggers

Pythian, in the guise of Alex Gorbachev, is organising the annual Oracle Bloggers meetup at Openworld, but if you qualify they’d like you to sign up.

KScope 12

The ODTUG conference is only a couple of weeks away, now, so I thought I’d remind people that I’ve got three presentations, one panel session, and a lunch date booked.

I’ve also heard that Redgate is setting up an exciting stand where they’re not going to sell you anything (unless you ask for it), instead they’re going to do some real-time development of a new product based on feedback and suggestions from the people attending ODTUG.

OOW 2012

I’ve just received notification that my abstract for “The Evolution of Histograms in the Oracle Database” has been accepted for Oracle OpenWorld 2012 so I’ll be seeing some of you in San Francisco in early October.  (The session reference is CON2803 – it might be a good idea to book early, I’ve filled the hall on previous trips to OOW.)

Update (Aug 10th):

I’ve just received the notification of where and when I’ll be speaking: it’s going to be in Room 302, Moscone South, from 12:15 to 13:15 on Monday 1st October.

Update (Sep 28th):

I’ve checked the pre-registration for the presentation, 214 people (from 26 different countries) have signed up so far. I don’t think the rooms are very big – if anyone remembers the limit please comment – so if you’re undecided about this one you might have to make your mind up in a hurry.


Here’s a final warning of the busy time I’m having next week. It starts with the E4 conference in Dallas (full  agenda here),my topic is “Due Diligence examining Exadata”.  Then it’s on to Minneapolis where I’ll be doing a one-day event on finding and reading Execution Plans (Agenda andRegistration).