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ASH Analytics- Viewing Activity Combinations

When working with Top Activity, we’re accustomed to viewing to wait class in the top, graphed area and below left, the top SQL by SQL_ID and below right is our Top Session information.  ASH Analytics was designed so you would enter into a view that looked very similar to Top Activity, but was enhanced so the user could update it to view the data in multiple ways.

ADDM Compare in EM12c

I’m often present to overhear comments like the following when issues arise:

  • I *think* someone changed something.
  • I bet some DBA changed a parameter!
  • I know is running that process I told him/her not to!

Making assumptions vs. having data is a good way to alienate peers, coworkers and customers.

ASH Analytics- Activity Focused on Session Identifiers, Part III

We’re going to continue onto Session Identifiers in the ASH Analytics Activity view.  You can use the links to view Part I and Part II to catch u

ASH Analytics- Activity Focused on Resource Consumption, Part II

This is the second post on ASH Analytics Detail.   You can find the first post here.

ASH Analytics- Activity Focused on SQL Data, Part I

I have a request to hit on some EM performance blog posts, so we’re going to start with breaking down some of the ASH Analytics areas.  ASH Analytics is not your grandfather’s “Top Activity” and I recommend everyone begin to embrace it as it is the the future of performance activity in the Enterprise Manager.  The idea that we will be able to pull directly from ASH and AWR to present our performance dat