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DataPump migration to SECUREFILE

These tweets somewhat befuddle me.


Because to be honest, if I no matter if I say “Yes” or “No” , and then for someone to take that response at face value…well…whilst I’m flattered in the level of trust, I’m also a little saddened because I think our community is best served by everyone always insisting on evidence for claims.

Large objects are larger than expected

Most customers I encounter nowadays are generally sticking to the defaults when creating their databases from 12c onwards. This means that they’ll be using the UTF8 class of charactersets when configuring their database. As a quick segue from the topic at hand, I think this is a good thing. Having a UTF8 characterset avoids a lot of hassles later when applications encounter a need to store extended characters, and let’s face it, the moment you need to store someone’s name, then at some stage you are going to hit this.

But back to large objects. It is important to realise that a UTF8 characterset has implications with how LOBs will be stored in the database. In a single byte characterset database, then if you need to store a 1 megabyte text file in a CLOB, then it will consume approximately 1 megabyte. But lets look at what happens when you are using a multi-byte database.