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The second edition of Cary Millsap‘s MASTERING ORACLE TRACE DATA (MOTD) is finally available. You can order it through I had the pleasure not only to review MOTD while Cary was working on it, but also to write a foreword that summarizes what I think about the book. So, if you are asking yourself whether you should buy MOTD, here is my opinion/foreword…

The primary election is over. Sadly, I did not win.

Either the power of social networking is not yet up to the task of overcoming television ads and the visual and other pollution of yard signs EVERYWHERE, or New Hampshire is not ready for the #SAFE_DEAL and to #IMPOVERISH_DRUG_LORDS. (Or, I suppose, they just didn’t like me. Quickly figuring my likely exposure, though, I believe a large percentage of folks who heard my message actually voted for me. So maybe I just need to get better and spreading the word at low cost. I do find it ironic that MAYDAY pac endorsed a candidate who did spend money on the grounds he pledged to fight against large campaign media budgets in the future, while I operated on a minimal media budget. Notice that is not a criticism of the candidate they did endorse.)

Anyway, completely cribbed from WMUR-TV’s site, here are the apparent 99% returns:

Brown, Scott 58,635    50%  Rubens, Jim   27,048 23%  Smith, Bob     26,483 23%

Book Review: Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, Second Edition

July 15, 2014 (Modified August 21, 2014, August 22, 2014, November 6, 2014, January 9, 2015) Extensively Researched with Detailed Analysis Covering a Broad Range of Oracle Database Performance Topics, Providing Insight that is Not Available from Other Sources I pre-ordered this book in December 2013, having previously read the first edition of this book […]

Book Review: Anvil of God (Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles)

Anvil of God (Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles)
by J. Boyce Gleason brings to mind “Game of Thrones” with a factual
historical setting instead of dragons (although there is a dragon reference in
the extensive footnotes and historical record). Gleason creates a complex and
delightful (at sometimes violent and blunt, at others subtle) set of characters
assigned with plausibility mostly to actual historical figures. As he weaves
his tapestry with fictional details added to the actual historical record you’ll
find yourself rooting and admiring some and hoping the hammer falls on some
others. I doubt you’ll put it down until you take a break to be fresh for the
Author’s Notes. You’ll want to be fresh as Gleason takes you through the
historical references that justify his character choices. Now don’t read the
notes until you finish the rest, but don’t skip them either.

Book Review: Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook (Part 2)

July 23, 2012 Oracle Database Performance Tuning Test Cases without Many “Why”, “When”, and “How Much” Filler Details (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) This blog article contains the review for the second half of the “Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook” book.  It has been nearly five months since I posted [...]

Book Review: Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook (Part 1)

March 3, 2012 Oracle Database Performance Tuning Test Cases without Many “Why”, “When”, and “How Much” Filler Details I ordered the “Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Cookbook” book shortly after it became available for purchase.  I was very curious to see how the book compared with the similarly titled “Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Recipes” book, [...]

Book Review: Oracle Core Essential Internals for DBAs and Developers

December 25, 2011 (Modified December 29, 2011) Digging Deeply into Oracle Internal Processing when the Oracle Wait Interface is Insufficient I pre-ordered a paperback copy of this book three months ago from Amazon and also purchased a PDF copy of the book from Apress.  It was a long, nearly six year wait since the [...]


Book Review: Troubleshooting Oracle Performance (Part 2)

November 7, 2011 Most Thorough, Yet Compact Performance Tuning Book 9i-11g (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) I originally reviewed the “Troubleshooting Oracle Performance” book a bit over three years ago, having pre-ordered the book prior to its publication.  The original review is quite limited in depth compared to some of my more [...]

Book Review: Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Recipes (Part 2)

October 6, 2011 Hammering a Square Peg into a Round Hole: Fine Edges are Lost, Gaps in Detail (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) In an effort for my review to be fair, I have completed the review for the second half of the “Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Recipes” book (omitting the pages for chapters [...]