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Feedback from the Oracle documentation team

feedbackI got some feedback from the Oracle documentation team, based on my recent post.


One of the concerns I raised was about how the GUIDs would be used in different releases of the documentation. Although I don’t like the look of the GUIDs, I can understand why they might be more convenient that trying to think of a neat, descriptive, human readable slug. My concern was the GUID might be unique for every incarnation of the same page. That is, a new GUID for the same page for each patchset, DB version and/or minor text correction. That would make it really hard to flick between versions, as you couldn’t predict what the page was called in each variant.

Oracle : Do you even internet? (broken links again)

Broken-LinkI mentioned in a recent post that Oracle are often guilty of changing URLs, which breaks all the documentation links in your site. Someone replied with this link. I knew I had a lot of clean-up to do, but I expected most of it to be old URLs, like stuff pointing to 8i, 9i etc.

I’ve just been looking and vast swathes of links have been changed in the 12.1 docs. In some cases, articles I wrote a couple of weeks ago are screwed. The reference manual is guilty of this big time!

Broken(ish) Links…

A couple of days ago Sten Vesterli tweeted about the URL changes on OTN. The previous base URL of “” has been replaced by ““. There are redirects in place, so for many of the top level pages this isn’t a problem, but some of the deeper links result in “page not found” errors or redirect to rather generic pages.

Fortunately, most of the links from my site are to the Oracle docs, whose URLs haven’t changed, but there are also plenty of OTN links. I’m trying to clean up the problem links, but it’s going to take a little time. If you spot any broken links, or links that don’t look like they point to the intended information, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to sort them.