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Register to IOUG COLLABORATE 13 and Get an Hour of My Time

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Spring is a very active conference season for me. I might be going to half a dozen conferences in 3-4 months. That’s a lot of travel, but I look forward to all of them. The conference I’m probably looking forward to the most this year is IOUG COLLABORATE. It might be because:

DOAG 2012 Conference

This is just a friendly reminder that I'll be talking at this year's DOAG Oracle conference about "Cost-Based Optimizer Basics" on Thursday, the 22nd of November, "Raum 1" at 13:00.

Additionally, I've reserved a slot at the "Unconference" (15:00 the same day) where I plan to present some of the interesting stuff that I cover as part of my "Parallel Execution Masterclass".

And soon the technical content will be back at this blog where I have lots of interesting stuff in the pipeline, mainly covering Parallel Execution topics.

DOAG 2012

This year again I'm going to present at the DOAG 2012 conference in November. Since it is a popular topic I decided to talk about "Cost-Based Optimizer Basics" there, too. According to the official schedule the presentation will take place on Thursday, the 22nd of November, "Raum 1" at 13:00.

Like last year, I'll also try to do some Unconference sessions in addition - if it is going to take place, which I don't know yet.

I'll post some updates as soon as I know more details.

Presenting at UKOUG 2012…

I’ve got confirmation that I’m presenting at the UKOUG 2012 conference in December. As I’ve said before, I like seeing places, but I hate the travelling, so I’m not looking forward to having to get to the ICC in Birmingham. That’s one killer 4 mile journey I’m going to have to endure… :)

See you there!



BGOUG: I’m on my way…

I’m at the airport waiting for my flight to Sofia (via Munich), on my way to the BGOUG conference in Hissarya.

It’s early and I’m totally knackered. I had a killer tabata-style circuits class last night and a nightmare tabata-style kettlebell class the night before. I still have bruises from the latter. If only I could stop eating rubbish I would look quite buff. :)

This is my last overseas event of the year and I’m glad it is the BGOUG event. Anything else and I think I would be looking for an excuse not to go. It will be great to get back amongst my Bulgarian buddies again.



UKOUG Agenda

As in previous years the UKOUG allows you to create a personalized agenda for the upcoming conference. To give you a flavour for some of the excellent presentations and to encourage you to register I’ve reproduced mine below, as with previous years this is a ideal wishlist, I’ll probably “die” halfway through various days and [...]

InSync11 : 16-17 August 2011…

A few weeks ago one of the AUSOUG committee asked me to submit some abstracts for InSync11. I got the official acceptance through today, so travel approval permitting, I’ll be in Sydney on August 16-17 to speak at the conference.

I’m not looking forward to the flights, but it will be really cool to see the Aussies again. I was teaching some Oracle University courses in Australia last year, but it’s a couple of years since I’ve spoken at a conference down there.



BGOUG Conference…

The BGOUG conference started today. It’s a pity the recent family stuff meant I couldn’t submit a paper for this event. I’m gonna miss all my Bulgarian friends. Hope it all goes well and see you soon.



PS. Sve: I would have loved to sit in the front row of your presentation to make you nervous. Have a good one. :)

UKOUG 2009

I'll be giving two one hour presentations at the upcoming UKOUG conference 2009 at Birmingham (30th November - 2nd December):

1. Monday, 30th November, 16:00-17:00: "CBO fundamentals: Understanding the different modes of System Statistics"

2. Wednesday, 2nd December, 11:05-12:05: "Everything you always wanted to know about FIRST_ROWS_N but were afraid to ask"

Both presentations cover fundamental functionality of the Cost-Based Optimizer which will help you to better understand why and how the optimizer comes up with certain execution plans, and in particular how the underlying cost calculation works. So eventually, if you haven't got an explanation yet I'll show you what the "cost" calculated effectively means and how to appropriately use the different optimization modes (ALL_ROWS, FIRST_ROWS, FIRST_ROWS_n) available.

So if you happen to attend the conference I'm looking forward to meeting you there.

By the way, I recommend visiting this link and save your personalised agenda to help with the room planning.

SIOUG 2009 conference

I'll be presenting at the SIOUG 2009 conference that will take place in Portoroz, from 20th to 23rd September 2009.

The title of the presentation will be "CBO fundamentals: Understanding the different modes of System Statistics" and will be based on the series already available here on my blog.

So if you're interested in the details of the cost calculations performed by the recent releases of the Cost Based Optimizer and would like to here about this in a different style, this presentation might be something for you.

If you happen to be at the conference I'm looking forward to meeting you there.

Thanks to OakTable fellow Joze Senegacnik for inviting me to the conference.