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Oracle 19c Real-Time and High-Frequency Automatic Statistics Collection

I gave this presentation at the UKOUG Techfest 19 conference.  This video was produced as a part of the preparation for that session.  The slide deck is also available on my website.

It takes a look at the pros and cons of these new 19c features.  They are only available on Engineered Systems.  Both features aim to address the challenge of using data that has been significantly updated before the statistics maintenance window has run again.

Data Warehouse Design: Engineered Systems Considerations

This post is part of a series that discusses some common issues in data warehouses.

On an engineered system, a key feature is that Bloom filters are pushed to storage cells during smart scan,  Additionally, a Bloom filter computed from a join column of a one table can be used against another table.  Storage index can skip I/O against the large fact table based on a Bloom filter calculated from a small dimension table (see Tanel Poder's Blog: Combining Bloom Filter Offloading and Storage Indexes on Exadata)
This shifts the balance away from Star Transformation, so you are far less likely to want to add bitmap indexes.

Oracle Database Appliance — What Does It Mean for You and Your Business?

When I first heard about Oracle Database Appliance and what it does, I got really excited — I saw great potential in this product. When we got our hands dirty and started testing the appliance, I become confident that this product will be a hit. Now it’s finally the time when I can share my [...]