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MOTS Mini – Ann Arbor – Oakie invasion


Almost all speakers have arrived and it looks it will be a great gathering off techies and in-depth Oracle presentations. I think, guess, allthough it starts tomorrow, it will be cosy, special, and a great entree towards OOW.

Tomorrow I don’t have the same timeslot as Tanel. Thank god. This time is only a guy called Cary Millsap. Sounds doable.



Now its time for a steak…

MOTS Mini – Nasty weather, for absent friends


Is it a blog, plog, phlog, I don’t know but hereby trying out the WordPress Android app. to see if this works regarding more lasting fast tweet-like updates. The start to this “conference series” for MOTS and OOW was wet; really horrible weather above Holland and me, making a mistake interpreting 12.45 pm, didn’t make it any better. But he, no stress, right?

My flight with delta airlines boarded almost 2 hours before departure which wasn’t also fun at all, but you learn to get by. One big coffee, sandwiches and a “Nicotinel” gum makes life easier. Would they also have a gum for Whiskey addictives…


Anyway. Ann Arbor here I come.

OOW 2010 Plans and Anti-plans

I have plenty of things that are keeping me busy for OOW 2010 and you’ll all get to see the results at the event (if you’re there), but I only have one traditional technical session where I’ll be on stage. I’m presenting the following session jointly with an Oracle Database Machine customer:

Session ID: S316824
Title: Top 10 Lessons Learned in Deploying the Oracle Exadata
Tuesday, September 21, 12:30PM
Location: Moscone South, Rm 307

Check the OOW 2010 content catalog for updated room assignments and times.

So what’s the “Michigan OakTable Symposium” all about…

Bit sad that I don’t have the time to post some of the cool internal tracing stuff that I have done lately and that gave me a far better insight in the inner workings of Oracle XMLDB, but there is a reason for it…


As you have maybe have noticed, there is besides the day-to-day database administration and consulting work, a lot of presenting going on in my “free” time. Sharing is fun, but also needs a lot of preparing. So besides attending and presenting on Oracle Open World and OPP2000 in Brussels, I also sneaky arranged – LOL – some slots in that great Michigan OakTable Symposium line-up, in which I feel myself very humbled…so if you can’t read it maybe you should get hold of me somewhere on one of those conferences and just ask…


Anyway, need to know why you should attend…? Have a sneak peek…

MOTS from Joel Schneider on Vimeo.

Oracle’s next blockbuster deal…

I got an email today, which I think is for once a genuine one…beside that, just before Oracle Open World, its always interesting to guess about what Mr. Ellison is about to announce…

I have checked out the site/post and, besides the apparent ones (PR), I couldn’t find any hidden traps (always a bit, healthy I hope, paranoia on this kind of stuff).

From: Stephen Jannise
Sent: Tuesday 3 August 2010 19:57
To: Marco Gralike
Subject: Editorial question about your blog

Hi Marco,

I thought you would be interested in an article I’ve written about Oracle’s next blockbuster deal. The company’s surprising acquisition of Sun suggests that Oracle is willing and able to make major deals in unexpected areas. I’m interested to see where they go next, so I’m hosting a poll on my blog at:

I’ve presented a list of thirteen potential targets for readers to vote on. Rather than guess these targets at random, I’ve done some research into the past five years of Oracle acquisitions as well as studied the current market to make some educated suggestions about possible future acquisitions.

Responses are trickling in, so I’m reaching out to a few bloggers to spread the word and drive more responses. Would you mind posting a brief entry about this on your blog? I would really appreciate your help. Please let me know what you think.



Stephen said about his article in one of his emails to me:

Advert: The Michigan OakTable Symposium

Lets say you can’t make it to those presentations of Oracle Open World this year and you also hadn’t the budget to come to Europe to see really (technically) in depth, practice driven, great (probably new) views on your performance and architecture work at work during Miracle Open World, then there is a great alternative: The Michigan OakTable Symposium.

Its “only” a 2 day symposium but you have a chance there to come up personal, discuss issues during presentations and on site, for instance in the lobby, with some of the top people in their field like, among others, Jonathan Lewis, Tanel Poder or Cary Millsap.

I really like those mini-conferences, because they always bring me new ideas how to solve problems at work or stuff that I am dealing with in my mind, seeing them from a new perspective or get new info and techniques, involving Oracle software, I didn’t know about yet…

During this years The Michigan OakTable Symposium you have to chance to enjoy Cary’s extended version (2 slots, one on Tuesday and one on Friday) of his “Thinking Clearly About Performance” presentation that won this year’s ODTUG Editor’s Choice Award. Anyway, almost all presenters during this 2 day event are Oracle ACE’s, ACE Directors or the top in their field and really have something to say…

XMLDB Oracle Open World Agenda…

Becoming a bit of a tradition actually…

Trying for others to avoid the same, at least it was in 2008/2009, ordeal going thru the O.O.W. Schedule / Content builder trying to find XMLDB topics, I listed those I could find on the XMLDB OTN Forum. As said, trying to follow up on a tradition and to get myself (and hopefully you) an overview on things to come during Oracle Open World 2010 (/Oracle Develop /JavaOne). This year I think its becoming BIG regarding amounts /attendance of people if not only due to the combination of O.O.W./Develop/JavaOne on the same spot in San Francisco…

So, for me and those who are interested, just like the year before, hereby an attempt to find all XMLDB related presentations, workshops and other events during Oracle Open World 2010. I will try to add info, time and days later on (and/or you might) if I find them and/or if they become known. See for XMLDB presentations and Hands-on Lab sessions here:

I hope you enjoy your presentations during O.O.W. and who knows we meet this year.

Not really into XMLDB presentations? Have a look at the 50+ Oracle ACE(D) presentations Oracle Open World and JavaOne, Oracle Develop listing here

Starting a Holiday (/Presentation) at #ODTUG

Time flies. Had a great weekend organizing an AMIS Query, an internal course with Doug Burns, looking at soccer games with Doug and Jacco and now already posting from a Marriott hotel room in Washington DC for some activities during #ODTUG

room / meanings

Its still a bit “quiet” (tons of elderly citizen though) in the Marriott hotel regarding conference meet-ups and/or other things, but met last night with Stanley, Debra, Alex, David (Mr. aPex) and for the first time with Sheeri (Kritzer Cabral) and her husband. Forgot his name (after 2 Guinness and pushing 36 hours “to get into the timezone”) but, man, can he draw cool “caricatures“. He had his own caricature book with him reflecting pictures of Magicians during a “Magicians Conference”, all signed by them and/or commented on. Great book/sketches and had a good laugh on how modern “Magicians” are nowadays that they have their annual conference as well…

Aanmelden AMIS Query: “An Evening with Doug Burns”

Doug BurnsOp donderdag 17 juni, vanaf 18:00 uur, zal Oracle Database Expert en Oracle ACE Director Doug Burns(Schotland), een kennisavond vullen met live demo’s op basis van de Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostic en Tuning Pack.

Deze bijzondere avond, geheel zonder slides, met de naam “How I Learned to Love Pictures – Oracle 10g/11g Performance Analysis Using OEM” zal alle in en outs van de Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostic en Tuning pack in geur en kleur, de valkuilen en de verstopte juweeltjes van de Oracle Enterprise Manager, demonstreren gebruik makend van onder andere Swingbench. Voor meer informatie, over Doug Burns of de inhoud van deze presentatie, zie de volgende blog posts en URL’s:

Wil je er bij zijn dan kun je je aanmelden voor deze AMIS Query, via de volgende URL:


AMIS Query: An Evening with Oracle ACE Director Doug Burns…

On the 18th of June I am very happy to have arranged an internal mini masterclass for my DBA colleagues and some AMIS customer DBA peers. The evening before on the Thursday the 17th of June (btw. no important World Cup soccer games going on during this Thursday evening) Doug agreed to present his "How I learned to Love Pictures - Oracle 10g/11g Performance Analysis Using OEM" presentation, he held, among others, during the Oracle Open World 2009 Unconference sessions and this years Hotsos 2010 Symposium.

If all goes well ;-) ...

...You will enjoy during this evening a really great presentation on how much information you can get out of those Oracle Enterprise Manager performance diagnostic and tuning pages.

Keep an eye out on this blog site. Agenda and how to register will follow shortly. I keep you posted.