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AMIS Query: A (hacking :) event with Oracle ACE Director Pete Finnigan

Zoals al aangekondigd in een eerdere blogpost heeft AMIS in samenwerking met Miracle Benelux, Masterclass trainingen, de mogelijkheid om vlak voor de twee daagse Masterclass in Utrecht van Oracle ACE Director en Oracle Security expert Pete Finnigan uit Engeland, een AMIS Query te organiseren. Beveiliging van je data en de focus hierop is vaak een ondergeschoven kindje. Iedereen is zich er waarschijnlijk wel van bewust dat data verlies via beveiligingslekken door bijvoorbeeld architectuur, programmatuur of onderliggende ondersteunende software, een gevoelig punt is in de organisatie. Het security gedachtengoed heeft echter ook impact op design en performance.

Een stukje van de sluier, van het beveiligings gedachtengoed, zal Pete Finnigan met ons delen tijdens de 25e Mei.

Hierbij de agenda voor de avond:

  • Vanaf 17:30/18:00 uur is iedereen welkom voor het diner.
  • Vanaf 19:00 uur “Oracle Database Security – (The True State?)“:
    • Focus op database security werk
    • Enkele realistische “hacking” demo’s / scenario’s
    • Discussie stuk t.a.v. de getoonde hacking demo’s
    • De correcte manier om data te beveiligen
  • Rond 21:00 uur afsluiting van de avond

Er is nog plaats maar meld je wel op tijd aan via deze pagina (Event Registration Form – Dutch) voor deze AMIS Query op 25ste Mei met Pete Finnigan.

WWOUG April meeting sponsored by Blue Gecko

Blue Gecko is proud to sponsor the venue and refreshments for the Western Washington Oracle Users Group (WWOUG) meeting this Thursday (4/29/2010) from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

Guest speaker Tim Gorman, an author, Oracle ACE, and Oak Table member will present Scaling to Infinity: Partitioning Data Warehouses on Oracle.

Please register for this event if you plan to attend.

Seattle Public Library downtown branch, 1000 4th Ave, Seattle
Room 2, Level 4 (Wright/Ketcham Meeting Room)

5:30 – 6:00 Refreshments and WWOUG announcements
6:00 – 7:00 Tim Gorman: Scaling to Infinity
7:00 – 7:30 Open networking

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If You Are Going to MOW…

(just on a side-note)

…and would really like to attend Anjo Kolk and Tommy Pedersen’s presentation: “Accessing the Oracle Database from Google (Apps, App Engine, Spreadsheets)” then do yourself a favor and also attend my presentation on XMLDB based out-of-the-box interfacing (“Boost your environment with Oracle XMLDB“) so you have an idea how it all hooks in…

See the MOW agenda for Friday


An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan

AMIS Technology School is proud to present, in collaboration with Miracle Benelux Masterclasses:

Miracle Benelux and Pete Finnigan agreed to do an extra special on the AMIS premises the evening just before Pete’s 2 day Masterclass in Utrecht will start (for the 2 day Masterclass agenda, see also the following URL). During this AMIS Query, besides the free food and normal standard setup of such an AMIS Query Event, Pete will have a presentation on Oracle security and there will be a lot of room of informal discussions during and after this session. There is still some room if you would like to learn from one of the best on Oracle database security.

Pete Finnigan

More details on those masterclasses can be found on the Miracle Benelux site. Hopefully this will be the first of series… More details about this event will follow shortly.

Full House @MOW 2010 in Denmark

Wow, it will be a full house during Miracle OpenWorld 2010, as Moans announced during this video, maybe there won't be enough beds, maybe there won't be enough food, but Moans at least promised us, the 208+ attendees, the new Miracle Brew, anyway, have a look...

The New OakTable Website is (almost) Alive

Thanks to the almost endless energy of James Morle the OakTable Network had a web presence for several years. Lately we decided that it had to be adjusted so it would be more fitting the current needs and style of the internet. Thanks to Kurt van Meerbeeck’s (aka the “dude” guy) incredible wizardry, two week later we have a new placeholder for our musings and rants…

Although we still have to update the DNS  record to the new location,  if you want you can get an (pre)view here:

Have have, or are in the business of updating the site with the following features and/or content:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Book Reviews
  • Articles
  • Contributed Files
  • Media, among others YouTube clips
  • Twitter feeds, trends/search
  • Polls/Voting
  • OakTable Member Blog posts (and/or merged from the original posts)
  • A Tag Cloud
  • OakTable Blog Aggregator

Let us hear of what you think.

On behalf of the OakTable Network members.


Hotsos 2010 – Farewell…

Said farewell today to the guys I met in the lobby of the Omni Mandelay Hotel in Irving, Texas. The final bits of the Hotsos 2010 Symposium. It has been a good run.

By the way, what did you mean Doug, with “a big laptop”, regarding your new Sony VAIO ???

It isn’t that big…

Dougs New VAIO


Hotsos 2010 – A Training Day with Tanel Poder

My last day already, so I hereby leave you with some impressions from Tanel’s Training Day. Maybe until next year.

If you also want to learn from him, then here’s your chance in Holland. Scripts and tools used by Tanel can be found here.


Hotsos 2010 – Is it a Chicken, a Duck? No wait it’s Bob!

Bob Sneed being a hero and not to afraid to dance during the Hotsos Disco Night were others would chicken out…

Hotsos 2010 – Presenters, Presentations, Presenting

I never find it very easy to try to capture the atmosphere during a conference, the presenting part, the presentations or the discussions, for example, you could have with the presenters. Hotsos is such a cool and unique event were you have the opportunity, to listen but also to interact. The amount of people that attend isn’t that big, only a few hundreds, but they share all the same passion, the passion to improve on performance, mostly Oracle related. It has only two tracks and its not uncommon that people present and than go afterwards to a presentation to listen in what the other presenter has to say.

Due to the fact that it is manageable in terms of choice, located on a convenient location and well organized, you have the opportunity to pick just the thing you like and most of the time not miss out on “the other” presentation you would have liked to see. Besides that people stay in (overnight in the Hotel), so discussions about the technology, the method or an example during a presentation will be discussed in far more detail than you normally would do, from presenter to presenter or from presenter to the guy that attended and vice versa. The fact that all have the passion for performance or that they realize that performance is a beast with various angles to approach, bounds, and every point, every question is one to be heard and/or discussed. On equal terms. If you have seen my video impressions of Hotsos in 2009, you get a bit of what I am trying to say.