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[Cloud | On-Premise | Outsourcing | In-Sourcing] and why you will fail!

error-24842_640I was reading this article about UK government in-sourcing all the work they previously outsourced.

This could be a story about any one of a number of failed outsourcing or cloud migration projects I’ve read about over the years. They all follow the same pattern.

El Crap-itan

In the comments from yesterday’s post, Jonathan Roden mentioned the release of El Capitan. At that point, I hadn’t even heard about it. :) Being the naive idiot I am, I jumped head long into it.

IBM’s Adwords Typo…

I guess IBM have been buying Oracle related Adwords as part of their marketing campaign. If you go on any Oracle sites using Adsense, you might see this advert doing the rounds.

If you are trying to discredit a competitor, the least you could do is spell their name correctly. I’ll put that down as a #fail for IBM… :)