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Connecting to an Oracle Database with Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows 8 64 Bit

November 25, 2012 (Modified December 7, 2012) Compatibility problems?  Visual Basic 6.0, released in 1998, is not officially compatible with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit… or Windows 7, or Windows Vista.  But I still like the language a lot for its simplicity, rapid development, and significant pre-existing code base within my company.  Of course, Oracle […]

oci-24550 [3221225477] [Unhandled exception: Code=c0000005 Flags=0

October 22, 2012 Lately, I have been busy with a couple of items that are not completely Oracle Database specific.  I tried experimenting with high definition 1080p security cameras.  After wasting an unacceptable amount of money to purchase two Y-Cam Wireless High Definition 1080p video cameras (model YCBLHD6), and spending in excess of 38 hours fighting with the cameras [...]

Undo Quiz – Bringing the Right Tools for the Job

September 17, 2012 Sometimes humor is a good recipe for undo.  A mid-50s man was driving down the road, riding a purple mule, when he saw a house with a new window.  Uninvited, the man decided to take a closer look using an obvious tool of choice, a tire iron (YPDNTI).  Elapsed time, roughly 60 seconds.  [...]

On the Topic of Programming 3

September 3, 2012 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) In the previous article in this series, a question was posed regarding how many SQL statements would be required to generate the following report, which displays in Microsoft Excel: A significant number of items regarding the report require explanation: Employee IDs and employee names [...]

On the Topic of Programming 2

September 2, 2012 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) (Forward to the Next Post in the Series) Over the course of the last six months I developed several efficiency reports for the machining facility where I work, measuring the average time required to complete a customer’s part compared to the engineering standard “target” run [...]

On the Topic of Programming 1

August 26, 2012 (Forward to the Next Post in the Series) As those of you who have read this blog’s About page probably know, my day to day job responsibilities involve a lot of activities that are not specific to Oracle Database performance tuning, or even remotely Oracle DBA type activities.  Those extra acttivites are part of what [...]

Brain Teaser: 10046 Extended SQL Trace Shows a FETCH Call with c=306350000, e=299174653, p=0, cr=22298 – How is that Possible?

April 26, 2012 Last week I posted a popular article that questioned the effectiveness of showing a job candidate a raw 10046 trace file that was captured at level 12, asking the job candidate to evaluate whether or not the SQL statement in the 10046 trace is efficient.  Many of the commenters suggested that the [...]

Extents of an Oracle Database DBA’s Knowledge Base

April 18, 2012 I saw an interesting thread on the OTN forums this morning that forced me to stop and think about several items.  The thread contains a question posed during a recent job interview – one of the best questions that I have seen (dare I say, better than one I might have crafted myself).  [...]

Failed Logon Attempts

April 4, 2012 A fair number of articles on this blog are Oracle performance related in one respect or another.  I started thinking about how to measure how much more efficient something is when compared to something that is never performed.  Consider a situation where you had a database user account that is a member of the [...]

Monitoring Changes to Table Data

March 22, 2012 Suppose that you receive a request stating that a particular table in one of your databases must be monitored for changes.  One such table might be the one that lists the ERP system’s suppliers and their addresses – you would not want someone to be able to set up a legitimate supplier, and later [...]