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Design …

… and how not to do it. In the last couple of weeks I’ve visited two offices which have some really high-tech coffee machines, both from the same company. When you use these machines you have two options, you can punch out the menu options for the drink you want, or you can punch out [...]

Stress Test

Here’s something you probably don’t want to say at the start of a public presentation: “Does anyone have a laptop I could borrow for the next 90 minutes.” I’ve just done my first ODTUG presentation – and everything I do runs under VMWare, which simply refused to start. I’m in my room now trying to [...]


I wish more people were aware of problems like this:  Error found on Internet! Filed under: humour

Philosophy – 11

The English language is full of irregular verbs, for example: I am hypothesising about possible explanations You are guessing He’s talking rubbish [Back to Philosophy 10] Filed under: humour, Philosophy


Browsing around the internet recently I came across this result: “During February, 2010, was positioned by as the 33 most visited website in the United States. In order to be ranked in traffic in number 33, had 25,165,482 visits.” Pretty impressive, isn’t it. On the other hand, Worpress tells me that I [...]