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The Amazon Kindle Fire 10 HD Tablet

No, you didn’t get a review of my Samsung Tab S2….I didn’t have it long enough to review it!  Actually, I had it just over six months and yes, it was beautiful and yes, I love it and no, it didn’t survive the fall on the tile, even in the protective cover at Denver International Airport.

Oracle documentation on a Kindle

I recently bought myself a Kindle – the keyboard 3G version. Keyboard as I know I will want to add notes to things and the 3G version for no better reason than some vague idea of being able to download things when I am away from my WiFi.

So, how about getting Oracle documentation onto it? You can get the oracle manuals as PDF versions (as opposed to HTML) so I knew it was possible and that others have done so before. A quick web search will show a few people have done this already – one of the best posts is by Robin Moffat.

Anyway, this is my take on it.

Amazon Kindle…

One of my justifications for buying the iPad was I would use the Kindle App on it and save lots of money on buying paper books. That didn’t happen because the iPad is a really crappy reading device for novels. It’s way to big and heavy and has a nasty glossy screen that it totally crap for reading unless the light is perfect…

Using the same price justification again, I finally got round to buying myself an Kindle from Amazon. I bought the lowest spec one, which should be fine for me. My first impressions are it’s really cool. It’s very small and lite and most importantly the screen is great for reading novels.

Kindle version of Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux

I had a few questions from readers whether or not there was going to be a kindle version of Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux.

The good news for those waiting is: yes! But it might take a couple of weeks for it to be released.

I checked with Jonathan Gennick who expertly oversaw the whole project and he confirmed that Amazon have been contacted to provide a kindle version.

As soon as I hear more, I’ll post it here.