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Grafana, SQL and IN() list for multi-value variable

By Franck Pachot

I’ve recently looked at Grafana. Pros: it is really nice, I mean aesthetically. If you want to build a dashboard for your boss, or put it on a large screen in the open space, that’s beautiful. Cons: not mature. I’m working for years with technology that works. When I have a problem, I find the solution (blog posts, forums, mailing lists, support notes)… But with modern software, the first problems I encounter have a dead end in unresolved git issues. And I’m actually spending more time in finding workarounds than solving problems. Yes, Grafana is nice but is very far from what I can do with Excel in 5 minutes. However, when I find a workaround, I publish it to help others and hopefully find someone who has a better solution, so please leave a comment if what I do there is completely silly.